3 seed option gone


I noticed the 3 seeds options are gone for all strains and lucky I ordered some a few days before this happened. My question, is this permanent? I wanted to get some more but I cannot afford the $50 minimum.


I hadn’t noticed but the one to tag is @Support_Team they will be able to answer this one for you good luck


he will bring it back i’m pretty sure. besides a three seed sale is just as good as a five seed salr.
they both make money.




hello there down-under how are you today ?


Arvo @garrigan62 im good thanks the rain held off this arvo, windy tho. the rains meant to hang around for 6-8 more days. the seedlings dont seem to mind as long as there are dry spells, they arent drooping or anything and i have them up on crates so any water can drain away. the big girls will be ready in a couple of days i would estimate. Hows the group of girls going?


All the girls are doing great. You do knw i added two Gold Leaf to the mix, One to smoke and the othr to keep as a mother flower to clone from.



Yeah i saw that, im glad you are getting a smoke out of all the hard work you will be doing for us. When i get a tent i will have a go at cloning, until them im doing theory work lol. its all the light threads that get me confused like i was sayin to hawkeye this morning, but i think the more i read them the more i will get familiar with the terms and whats what


learning takes time and what we’er learning is fun and then you get to smoke it and get high…lol



Indeed, i have to say i never knew that it could be so technical. My Aunty and brother use to grow it and grow amazing plants. Wish i took more notice of them now


It really doesn’t have to be. I have come to grow these plants with very little difficulty and effort.
I give my plants only what they require to grow without all the fancy nutrients and gimmicks



Yeah, im starting to understand that now.


It took me a little while to understand this but once i did it all became very clear and simple.
I should have known this from the very start seeing how i was raised on a vegg farm…lol



This is why i’m doing the side by side grow journal. To show how very easy it is to grow with-out nutrients and all that other stuff which creates more problems than there worth,



Thats why its going to be amazing to watch


yeah bit disappointing for those who want to try a strain especially if like me your envelopes keep going “missing” :unamused:


Keep trying or do you have a friend that you can trust to get it sent to?


others don’t have the same problems im finding… when they sell products like shirts and ashtrays to make up a parcel … everything just scoots through. im thinking the letters from that part of the world might be real issue. if dont have success this last resend im giving up … shame really. i did mention it but was ignored so … you know “ramble on” :musical_note::sunglasses:


Should be all good ive gotten mine, a few others have gotten theirs. ask to send it to a friends you may get it then


Hi all, we discontinued the 3 seed option to streamline payment, packing and shipping processes. We recognize it will be missed by some and may bring it back somewhere in the future. Nothing’s set in stone :slight_smile:

Happy growing!



@deb1 @DownUnderGuy what side of Oz are you guys?
I’m a WA boy.