3-point leaves and general suggestions

Hey all! New to the forum and have been loving all the info and love shared on this page!
I’m a first time, indoor grower. This is our Black-Sensi plant. We planted the germinated seed in seedling starting soil, in a small-medium size pot a little over a month ago and this is what we have. For some reason, we are getting 3-point leaves. I’ve heard that some plants may only grow three, or it could be a photoperiod issue… The leaves look healthy though and continue to grow. We’ve been doing an 18/6 cycle with LED lighting.
There are a few things I’ve chosen not to regulate for budget purposes, such as PH levels. I know this can be a big reason things go astray, but being my first grow I choses to not go the extra mile quite yet.
My main questions… Are the 3 point leaves a bad sign? When would be a good time to transfer? And at what point would do I need to think about adding nutrients? I’ve purchased FoxFarm Trio.

Thank you to any all and help friends!

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The tri’s start out slower but catch up to others fine and produce just as good quality/quantity. What is your starting soil? If it’s not a cannabis soil you will need pH adjustments. Fox farms soils have a buffer that prefers you don’t adjust pH.

Edit. Looked closer… You aren’t to your first set of real leaves yet. I read more than I look at pictures, hence above answer. That node is always 3. It’s not what we consider the first true set of leaves. Next is.

Thank you!! This is is so helpful. I wasn’t sure if the 3-point leaves were “true leaves”.
Attached is what I used to start my seedlings in. Probably not the best, but it’s what I had available. They are still currently in this mix. If I were to transplant this plant, would you suggest and when?

I started with fox farms happy frog. It has a buffer so you don’t have to worry about pH. Also will feed for first month.
Now that I know what im doing I went an inert medium, coco.

Yeah I considered starting out with Happy Frog or Ocean Forest, but had the Jiffy Organic from my home garden so decided to try it out. Once I get a few sets of true leaves, would you suggest transferring into one of these soils for the rest of the grow since they have the PH buffer?

If they aren’t autos, I don’t do autos so can’t elaborate, I would get a cannabis soil and transplant to a 2-3g pot once the leaves surpass the current container. Then again to the final pot. Each transplant causes expansive root growth. @Hellraiser had a diagram of two transplants. I didn’t save it,can’t find it. But here is of one. Just it doubles again. But, like him I won’t be doing that in coco. Just one for coco.

Awesome. Thanks so much for the picture. So I probably shouldn’t start feeding nutrients until I transplant, right?

ALL of my Blue Dreams at that juvenile stage were 3 pointed leaves. They ALL went to 7 and 9 and i had ONE gigantic fan with 13 points. Didn’t even know that was possible until then. Most i’d ever seen was 11 on a buddies plant some years ago.

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Nice!! That’d be incredible to see haha

the pic of the 13pt fan leaf is SOMEwhere buried in the madness of my grow thus far :smiley: That fan was almost another half the size of my hand again and i’m no small man :wink:

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Depends. If you transplant into a large pot of ocean forest. That means another month till feed. If happy frog you can start low immediately and work up. Could get away with no feed too.

@KeystoneCops has grows with 50/50 of/hf and nothing but water for the entire grow. He is who opened my eyes to how soil can and does really work. Which most of this community doesn’t understand. To me his picture is more about that than it is about his condition. He tried to teach us. I sometimes think I may have been the only one to listen. Put my last two soil grows on auto pilot. Why I’m going coco now. I don’t feel there’s much more to learn about soil.

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