3 Plants look healthy but no sign of buds?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I planted 10 seeds 5 TW and 5 Super Skunk. 7 plants are growing. All plants in bloom stage. 4 plants kicking butt going good. 3 Plants look healthy but no sign of buds? I have 2 train Wreck and 1 Super Skunk not blooming. I have 3 Super Skunk and 1 Train wreck budding quite well. Please advised on what might happened to my 3 plants, thanks.”

  • Soil is Organic Soil in. 5 Gallon bucket with stones in the bottom . I drilled holes 1.5”off the bottom for drainage
  • planted seeds 10/4with a 400 Watt Virtual sun grow lamp on 18 hours off 6 hours .
  • indoor lighting with reflective walls , ceiling and floor
  • used fertilizer Bio Thrive 4-3-3 during the Vegetation stage for 2 months
  • started to turn on Bloom bulb 12/6 12 on 12 on
  • went to bloom fertilizer 1.5 Teaspoons Per 2 Gallons of Water call all iN One Bloom Fertilizer N -15 ,P-6, K- 30
  • Temp 78 Degrees during the day , 62 Degrees at night .
  • inlet fan fresh air in
  • out let fan threw 400 LB Carbon drum .
  • humidity 65 % varies
  • PH ? N
  • CO 2 no


If they’re all fems and you don’t have any light leaks then :thinking:
@Donaldj @garrigan65


if they are fem seeds and under 12/12 give them time no 2 seeds are the same so plants can take longer or less time to transition this is normal


Customer has a follow up question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Should I get rid of the three plants that are not Budding? Are they Males? I have 7 plants in one 400 watt enough. Should I concentrate the lights on the four budding plants?”


Ask them to join forum I would need to know if seeds are fem or regular and a picture would be nice

also a very high N will inhibit flower so could potentially be just elongated transition due to nutrient levels


each plant should get minimum of 1.5 sqft so a 400w light would be about right for 4 plants though typically optimum is closer to 50w sqft 40w is enough. Assuming you purchased Fem seeds it isn’t unusual for a plant or 2 to express different phenotype during transition and flower this results in different transition length. I have plants which can transition to bloom in a week and others which take 3 weeks. Just make sure you have no light leaks look for a NPK ratio 1-2-2 1-2-3 so something with higher pk than n