3 plant Amnesia Haze SCROG


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hi guys I flipped the switch to 12 12 today. How do they look?


Look good to me. Those suckers should shoot right up


Looking good… is that a 2x3 or 2x4 tent?


2 x 4 x5. I have 1200 watt led and I am a little worried about height. The net is set at 20 inches from floor.


Looking good keep tucking through the two week stretch if you can you have lots of buds if you do lol


I keep bending untill it gets too stiff, correct? Do you have a pic of what it should look like in 2 weeks? I assume I do my best to create space for every bud, correct?

Also I have questions about trimming. I have a ton of growth below the net. Basically nothing has died down there. I know most of you trim with the idea of directing energy up. However when I followed one of Bob B’s journal he mentioned he doesnt trim feeling the lower leaves if healthy are adding energy to the plant.


Yeah just go easy as they will start to stiffen up towards the two week mark
I’ll take a picture of my scrog when I get home they are at the two week mark now and I’ve stopped tucking @AMUSED2DEATH


@AMUSED2DEATH, looks really good to me! Hey, what type material did you use for screen and how did you mount it? That’s where I want to be in near future.


You can buy a trellis net at Home Depot for a few bucks @Zombo FYI


@Countryboyjvd1971…that’s the cart before the horse with me right now lol


I took the easy way out and bought from Amazon.

$18, but it comes with clips. It is stretchy like a small bungie cord.


Or like @bob31 said I would need to knit my scrog. Lol


@AMUSED2DEATH… That’s awesome, thx for that… Saved to my list


How tall are those beasties?


The net is 20 inches from the floor, so they are about 23 inches.


from the floor? you mean the pot?


20 inches above the floor not the pot


I’m confused, if the net is 20 inches from the floor, how can the plant be 23 inches?


The plants are a few inches higher than the net. So 20 inches to net +3 inches over net =23 :smile:


yeah yeah, im with you on that, but you said the net is 20 inches from the floor! so if the plant is 23 inches, and the net is 20 inches off the floor, you would be growing from the floor? no pot? no bucket? xD might be being real dopey here, but maybe not…