3 photos, what am I doing wrong?

So got 3 photos going. Day 50 or so. Growing these with my senior citizen father who grew decades ago (he did pretty damn good back then).

These are straight in the ground. Used maybe a foot deep of happy frog then just going off the soil.

All I’ve really done is bend down the main stalk 45ish degrees and put a cage on one to try to open it up some, probably put cages on the others as well.

Giving each one a gallon of water every 2 days. Once a week I’m giving it 2.5 calmag, Them the gh flora trio. 5 micro, 5 grow, 4 bloom.

Old pops has been pinching the tops.

Noticing some wilting on 2 of them. On leaves and the tops. Any advice? I’m very nooby. Close to harvest on my first auto grow and never grew photos. I think things have changed since my dad grew, although he seems to know what he’s doing with topping. Looked at me funny when I tied down the stalk and made a cage.

And sorry for the textbook…how they looking for 50ish days size wise?

Thanks growmies



I could be wrong but sure looks like she is getting too much sun for the moisture she is taking in


What he said :point_up_2: they look hot.


Water everyday maybe? Or up it to 2 gallons each every 2 days?

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It looks like they need a hose soak lay the hose by each plant run slow 10 14 mins do this every 2-3 days if you dont get GOD"s water. Thats works here

Are you using any kind of filter? I’ve been using tap and letting it sit a couple days for chloramines to lower and ph”ing it down to 6. Am I looking too far into it for an outdoor plant in the ground?

Yeah, too much heat leafs curling up to protect thereself. In time I think plants will be OK.

Hot. Will straighten out soon as weather cools. Keepem wet.i have been hitting my outdoor veggies hard morning and sundown. They wilt during midday. 100+. Potatoes flat gave up.

It’s low to mid 70s daily here and 50s at night.

It’s been in the upper 90s around with major thunder storms every evening i have 3 photo period plants

Praying everyday that they still standing i got tomatoe cages around them

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Chlormine takes a while to eveaporate if not aerated. Idk, maybe part of the issue too. They definitely look thirsty.

That nixes hot…:grin: