3 part question about current flowering

Hahaha right, ohh no :laughing:
Thx man, went to town on the defoliation on 2 of the girls, hoping I didn’t over due it. Guess I’ll find out soon enough

And I had planned to go and buy some sort of fishing line or something to hold those ridiculous cola’s up. But then realized what a struggle it’d be to find mounting places on the top of the tent.
Which after taking that big girl out of the net and nearly not being able to get it back in, I realized I should have just winged it with some sort of prop or line :smile:

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Here’s a snap of ‘C’ guess it might be hard to tell. But to me it looks like I hardly did anything but I was going to town on those leaves for about 45 minutes! Pics of before and after.
Didn’t remove everything I thought I should simply because I don’t really know how much longer she has. But lemme know what ya think

Don’t use fishing line, it will cut your stem in half. You can buy a pack of plant yo-yo’s from Amazon or at least a bungee cord of some sort. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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For real. Serious reminder why I’m slowly phasing out my hand-water area. Gearing up to reintroduce my RDWC system and man those buds reinforced the desire. :joy: I miss the hydro growth so much


Hell yah man!! I can’t say I know any better cause I’ve only done hydro but I can’t see myself changing now, hah.

Thank ya sir, they are a lot more bountiful than I ever could have imagined. STILL going strong to. Every time I have to get in the tent to move or maneuver I find entire new giant colas just outta no where :laughing: it’s great

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But the sheer amount of knowledge I’ve learned this cycle is baffling. I started with 7, ending with 4 :laughing:
I am so anxious to harvest to start the next one already, just knowing how much simpler and improved I can make things.
ILGM Community FTW

I grew one of my first plants in soil because she was a gift who came in soil. It’s fine.

I started off with DWC for most of my plants. Had good results. Switched all my soil girls over to coco. Got my coco gals on autopots. Everyone swore coco gave similar explosive growth as hydro - which is partly true and partly not. It does do much better than soil. Does not outperform a smooth running RDWC system.

I had to disassemble my hydro system to move out of tents and into a bedroom. I never got the chance to reassemble it after cleaning it all out. Finally I can do that here soon - I have about 4 plants I’m waiting on to finish to switch the lights to 18/6 and get everything rolling in hydro again. I’m still use the coco, it’s too easy to just let sit and do it’s thing - perfect for tester plants and pheno hunting. But things I want lots of will be going in totes. No doubt.

Amen. We really do learn a lot from eachother and it’s hard to remember what getting started really feels like once you’re in the full swing of things. It’s like a foreign language but everyone is speaking plain English :joy:

Absolutely. I’m chomping at the bit, myself. I think I’m going to try and get 3 27 gallon totes in a row against the wall of my room. The question is whether I want to make 3 beefy plants or 2 beefcakes and a split tote for 2 autoflowers. :thinking: I love autoflowers. I’ll probably do that.

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Hell yah man! I’m considering moving out of the tent after this grow. Because the tent is sitting in a big empty room, kinda makes no sense lol.

The truest thing ever!! :joy:

And also as far as the 3 27gal totes that sounds like a damn good idea! I think illl be doing the exact same thing, but only 2 of them. I want to comfortably fit 2 plants into each one.
Cus I tell ya, INDIVIDUALLY handling, changing nutes, daily ph & ppm checks on 6 individual buckets is pure mayhem and idiotic if I’m
Honest :laughing: it has been a full time job outside of my full time job

@Graysin hey quick question, I remember seeing you previously mentioning somewhere about some sort of magnifier attachment for your phone? That sounds a lot better then this tiny jewelers loupe I’ve got

Exactly. The big empty room I had my tents in was purple, though. I stayed in tents until my mother in law moved out. Once she did, I took over that room, which has a bathroom attached. Hauling water 5 feet instead of 25 every time I need to water stuff has been a tremendous improvement.

Oh no, no. 3 totes hold the plants. 4 totes total. One tote is empty, it houses the water pump and is the place where I need easy access to be able to add water, check water levels, PPMs and pH. They will all interconnect so the baseline is the same across all four. That’s the R in RDWC. recirculation keeps things dispersed and level. That’s the goal, anyway.

I would not do three individual totes that weren’t interconnected. I know better. :sweat_smile: I hardly have time to water my plants as is, let alone introducing a larger system into the mix.

That’s the Normal state of being for my ladies lately.

This is indeed the same set of plants about two weeks apart :joy: always sideways

Yep! Cheap and easy

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Hey just throwing up a quick pic of those Beauty roots in there new tote. That root msss is, well Massive… it weighs a ton, and this thing just keeps on going. Roots are about 14” deep into the tote, and it covers the middle side to side. Luckily I got 2 air stones in there. I’ve now realized this tote wasn’t even big enough. I’m already having to retop it off every day! Drinking 2 gallons minimum a day
Root shot, second one is entirely just girl B. Minus all the light burn the middle area has, everything else is green!
This plant is amazing, but gd, it’s a struggle for a first timer :smile::+1:
Oh and so I’ve been checking the trichs everyday. Still think I’m just looking at glsss? Definitely no amber yet from what I can tell, I think there about 7 1/2 weeks into flower.
GoHydro @Graysin :+1:


Hey everyone. Another question here, something kinda weird is going on with my girl B.
Yesterday I decided to raise the trellis to help prop the buds upwards more. Once I started unweaving the buds I immediately noticed that they’re um, completely purple in one side and lush green on the other side. Gonna take a wild stab in the dark and say it’s from my LED light? But is this good, is this bad? Is it normal? I haven’t seen anything anywhere on this :laughing:
Here’s some snaps if anyone has a clue
First one is how’s it’s been, before I raised it yesterday.

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The Easy answer is “phenotype expression.” In short, the way the plant expresses itself will sometimes vary based on conditions.

the long answer is yep, that’s totally normal and also yep probably caused by the light. Likely it would happen regardless of the type of lighting (HPS, led, the sun), the reason you’re seeing it on the buds that were facing the light is that light matures and ultimately degrades the plant as she flowers. More light exposure = faster to mature. The sides that are deep purple are most mature, and the stuff that’s still green is just waiting to do the same change as she gets older.

Mature vs immature on the same plant

And that immature bud at Harvest time:


Well hellalujah @Graysin thanks much for that. Most perfect straight forward answer :laughing:
But that’s good to know, once I raised the trellis I was able to reposition a lot of the big bud sites so the ‘green’ sides were getting some actual light exposure now. Awesome!


And my god, those pictures are the embodiment of some healthy dank nugs! :+1::smile:


Snapped this earlier during water change, she decided to keep bucket shape even in the tote :laughing:


Seriously impressive roots, man. Still :v: