3 out of 20 seeds left - anything new to try to pop them

Hi… First let me say that where I got the seeds… here… have been great and no complaints at all from me. just hate to give up on them I guess… lol. 2nd… sorry about the book. anyways… was looking for a few suggestions… comments… Have 3 seeds left out of 20 that was purchased around end Nov. Have tried all the ways below and have never seen a tap root. Some of them I even took out to 10 - 14 days then waved bye. have heat mat with dome over it so temps were 71 - 75F… think one time I tried up to 82F. humidifier RF above 60 avg 75-80- up to 90ish when sprayed inside of dome with RO water tries were mostly started so that I had 3 full days to spray dome every few hours to keep RH up around 90% for first three days and nites… then only twice a day. put sand paper in bottle and shake 5-6 times before water soak on a couple. maybe should have just picked 1 and tried it over and over but not me… lol

  1. shot glass RO water- changed water every 2 days… 7 days… pulled and put in baggie… put in rooters a couple weeks later.
  2. shot glass RO water - cap of hydrogen peroxide… days
  3. Soak for 24 hrs RO water into paper towel into baggie into dark and heat mat with dome
  4. soak for 12 hrs tap water ph to 6.50… into paper towel… into baggie… put in brown paper bag on to heat mat
  5. soak seeds 12 hrs and put into rooter after soakin Rapid Rooters… poke hole in small end place seed circle end down 3/8" down… cover hole with pinch of rooter and onto mat
  6. take rooters out of sealed container no soak and plant seed in… onto mat

wanted to try something this weekend… while waiting. was thinking distilled water and shot glass… havent tried that yet… lol


I think you should reach out to the seed bank and get a replacement. They will make good on the seeds. It’s rare but does occasionally happen. @ILGM.Stacy can you help him?

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Which method was this?

A lot of people misuse rapid rooters in my experience. If you’re going that route, wait until they crack before putting in the rooter. And make sure just about all of the moisture is squeezed out of the rooter.

I generally soak a heavy duty paper towel in water, then squeeze as much of the water I can out. Fold it once, place seeds on half of it, then fold it over again. Then place folded paper towel into ziplock bag with air trapped in it. Place the ziplock bag on top of something warm. Your heat mat would work, but I generally use my cable box or something like that. Usually takes about 24-48 hours.

From there peel chunk out of rooter, place seed in rooter tap slightly up or to the side, then replace chunk over seed and tap root.

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No… its all good with ILGM… they have been great! replacement seeds are on the way. just wanted to try last 3… one more time. lol

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I kinda went in order of how I did them… have 3 in the rooter no soak… 14 days now… with domes on the rooters and then another dome over them… most of the others I took out at least the 14 days… then did another one… was finishing up a 1st three plant auto so no hurry… everything else has been discarded… have the 3 that I have done nothing with yet.

something seems off for sure… i soak mine in tepid tap water for about 16 hours and put them in the soil… all of mine have popped and up out of the soil in less than 2 days…

I’ve had the same issues. 3 seeds in water, 4 days, then put in the same soil I’ve already started over 200 flower and vegetable seedlings. 10 days in soil, nothing. I started 2 of another kind. Same thing. I then tried 3 of the original. Those got tails in 2 days, but in soil 5 days and nothing. I don’t understand when every flower, bulb and vegetable seed I’ve started is now flourishing.

@Llove615 I use this method, and have had 100% germination.
Place seeds in RO water for 18 hours.make sure seeds sink to the bottom, tap them lightly if needed.
Remove from water and place on wet paper towel.
Place wet paper towel with no more than 5 seeds (use a second paper towel for additional seeds if needed) on a glass plate, fold paper towel over seeds.
Place second glass plate over top of first plate.
Place plates in a dark room on a heating mat.
Check seeds twice a day, spraying with additional water as needed.
Seeds should taproot within 2/3 days.