3 More indoor Germinating, White Widow- 10-20 about to be planted outdoors- Recommendations needed

Whats up everyone, my first grow is finishing up, and I learned a lot from this past grow. Most importantly LIGHTS, LIGHTS, LIGHTS. I am about to order a 1000W light. I think I want to do Hortilux which is what my local hydroponic shop recommend but I am open to suggestions. I want to grow all autoflower. I am in a mountainous area on the east coast. Spring is between 65-70 degrees if not warmer, plenty of sunshine, and rain. I just planted 3 white widows, and I currently have 3 on their 9th week. I am looking to do this full time, and run my lawncare business. I want to grow mainly for personal use. But when I grow I would like to harvest a bunch. I am 45 minutes from cell service where I live, I have satellite internet, and I am off the grid. I want to grow a good bit this season, and maybe chill for a couple years, and maintain indoor plants thru the winter. I would like recommendations on what I should grow. I am looking for high THC content, and something that is good for pain that isn’t to hard to grow outdoors. Lets get this thread going!

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Lights…you can’t go wrong with HLG. I definitely 6x the amount after drying, curing and no stems. You just can’t go cheap on the lights. I didn’t get 20”plus sized colas off blurples.

Light Guru is @dbrn32 as he can point you to the right direction. Sure its costly up front but it pays for themselves. :+1:


If you’re going with hid lighting hortilux is pretty much the first name in bulbs. If spring temps are in the 70’s what do you expect for summer temps? If it’s hotter than 70’s you will probably want an air cooled hood if you go with hps. A 600 will flower up to 4or and 1000 up to 5x5.


That’s what I am saying I’m growing with 2 LED cheap lights right now and I only had one for awhile until I finally upgraded but they are still
Far being, but looking good. Just wish the lights were better from the start I have three germinating now so I plan on growing those inside then planting 10 outside. Spring temps are 70-75 summer is way hotter so I’m looking into something that can take the heat. Like an Afghan of something. And maybe northern lights during the cool times outside, then putting them under regular lights after it gets too hot. Idk how it would react.

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My house stays about 68-72 but my rent is getting got already so I definitely wanna use something to keep it cool. How much electric am I looking at
With one of those lights?

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600 watt is usually about 630 watts per hour with digital ballast. So if your cost is .10 per kwh, then just under $1 per day for 12 hour light schedule. That doesn’t include fans or anything else.


okay, that is great. I have a vivosun tent right now. It is 60 inches wide, by 48 inches deep, by 60 inches tall or 64, something like that. My goal for inside is white widow, northern lights, and blueberry autoflower… I’ve seen sites say 150 ounces per plant. Idk how true that is, or if it is even possible. I want to do strictly auto’s cause i want to get on schedule for my cheap LED’s to be starting my indoor plants for the first week or two until the plants already blooming in the tent are finished, then i can swap them when I harvest the ones in the tent, and repeat the cycle, i want to constantly have bud growing, and being harvested on the same days or same week consistently. I prefer to order off of this site, so if you have any suggestions for me on the best auto strains let me know. I am laid off work now, and i have one more big check coming so i want to invest in myself because i know i have the ability to do this. I just need all the advice for the best light to buy. Also when i said Horitlux lights, i meant horticulture. I was looking at their lights and i hear a lot of good about them. My local shop said they had the Horticulture in stock. But my question without really getting into it all because i know the light talk is forever long, i looked at your posts about it previously bro haha. But hands down, best light, under $600 to grow big buds, and do it quickly? I appreciate all your advice too!

That’s not realistic for an indoor grow.

You mean horticulture lighting group? Those are leds, not anything like a 600 watt hps. The horticulture lighting group fixture for a 4x4 tent was $900 last I seen.

wait the $1 a day lights you was talking about was HPS figures? If so are they way better then LED?

Well, I don’t know what your electricity costs. And there’s delivery charges and stuff like that. But yes that was for a 600 watt hps light. The best led light is better than the best hid light if you look at it like that. It’s also going to be more expensive.

I’m fine with buying a 500$-600$ light I just need to find what can consistently grow 4-6 plants inside

Hey DubV24. I am going to follow along if you don’t mind. I have just started my first grow and I am looking at lights too. Wish I would have found this forum earlier. But I think I could learn some stuff with how I see this journal going. Good luck.

Welcome and hop right in bro. I’m on here with multiple forums lol but I will be on a lot more now with way better lights, pictures, and journals

Plant count doesn’t matter as much as area. 4-6 plants could be very little space if small or a lot of space if large plants. Seeing as to how photo period plants need restricted light schedule you are limited to intensity to obtain proper DLI.

Long story short, you have a 20 ft. space which is just shy of 2m². You should be looking for a light with total flux around 1500-1600 umols/s. There are a few that will do this, but they’re not cheap. Alternatives would be to build your own, or buy multiple smaller fixtures over time and work up to it.

The good growers that have the right stuff can pull a couple of units out of space like that when it’s full.