3 months in on my first time growing anything "goddess"

High I’m new to the thread. I have been reading tons of forums and it’s time to participate. I’m really interested in plant training to increase my yield due to me liking to grow in small spaces. Naturally I want to get the maximum from my girl. Any advice would be great and welcomed. Is she too young for plant training and also I’m working on a budget to so any handy home techniques are a gold mine for me.

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What kind of light are you using, and needs more light. You can top her as of this point (pinch the middle leaf nodes out), as for what kind of light you want to use, that depends on space honestly.

Last of all welcome to ilgm we are glad to have you here :smile:

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I used some bagged seeds that I have acquired over time. I’m growing in my closet and that’s a 60w grow light. I want it to get taller but I really want with and weight due to my spacing. I’m going to upgrade the lights to some upscale CFLS…because I really want to see if I can yield high with a low cost of supplies. And later i break bread and spend on good affordable lights once I begin flowering. Could you pin point where exactly I should too her?

Hello @Queen_Green
Your plant looks like your plant is streaching which is caused by the lack of light , I would recommend you do some home work on led lights since your growing in a closet it will help with temps and also since your on a budget it will help with electrical costs
I believe the rule of thumb is 50watts per square ft of space but double check me on that
there are a couple good threads about lights on here
Also @Majiktoker gave you good advice about topping your plant it will help control your height and help with your yields
good luck with your girl :grinning::v:️️:+1:

The very center of the plant at the top the new leaves growing in pull them off, and maybe atleast add another cfl of equivalent wattage, as she gets older, She’s gunna need more light

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@Queen_Green. Your girl is also a good candidate for LeastStressTraining; After Topping, she will begin to get bushy- branches sprouting out at the leaf nodes below the cut. You’ll want to lean her over to give “height priority” to those new branches as well - they will grow upwards and become top colas. It’s amazing - I’ve done this with 8 CFLs on my light bar:
From this:

To this, in 16 Days difference; (GH nutes, very low strength: < 1/4 dose):

Below is my early-growth light bar as constructed; Picture is before connecting the uncurled 6"x24" duct pipe as a reflector; I veg early girls under this light until they spread out; then they go under Scrog and the “real” light (HID).

And these are my specs for it (you might find a smaller 2-lamp fixture for your small closet):
12,800 Lumen 5000K Light Bar; 800W Equivilent Output.
Draws 23w*8bulbs = 184W Draw

Brown Lamp Cord Set 8’. 1 @ $6.97
Heavy Duty Timer w/2 outlets. 1 @ $9.97
660W Split Lamp Holder Y Adapter. 4 @ $2.48
4-Lamp Chrome Bathroom Vanity Bar. 400W max. 1 @ $15.98
23W Daylight Spiral CFC (100W Equiv) 5000K 1600 lumens 4-pk. 2 @ $10.97
*Update (8/2016): sku# 384-314 Model EDXO-23 .380A: 4pk@$11.98
6" x 24" Round Metal Duct pipe uncurled and stretched wide into reflective shape. 1 @ 3.97

For One minimal setup of light bar plugging into timer plugging into wall:
1 LampCord 6.97
1 HD Timer 9.97
4 Lamp Splitter 9.92
Light Bar 15.98
2 4-pk CFC Bulbs 23.96
1 6" x 24" Rnd Metal Ductpipe 4.00
Total = 66.83


Hope this helps! :smiley:


I train my ladies to look like this after 30 days.

and this white thunder is 30 days old


Put her in 5 gallons and tie her down. Lay her in the soil . Top out.she is way to tall nothing to bend.

Thanks everyone for your advice. I just purchased another GE plant light 65w…w/setup and pipe cleaners for the LST.

she is mad tall and I know she is stretching but I want to save her…u think transplanting her to a 5 gallon will induce stress?

Thank you. I will be starting this evening. I will definitely post my results and new set up

Its stressed now. Yes change it as soon as you can.

Awesome I’m in love with your set up…this is something I’m thinking of Setting up soon. Thanks for the budget breakdown

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Well guys, she died last night. I murdered her while trying the LST methods. Good news is I successfully topped and saved a few good clones. And some seeds to germinate. New set up.

Well guys I murdered her last night after successfully topping I began LST. It was tragic but I managed to get some clones before death. And I have some seeds germinating. New set up.


What is your method of this? What weeks did u top and how many nodes? Did u top twice or more👅Dying for the details

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Those clones look very sad …

I had just started caring for the clones. Im using a cup to increase humidity due to me topping my two plants. I’m hoping they will comeback to life. I’m new to this so I’m trying a lot of things that I learned from other growers and add my 2 cents as well.

I’m confused how you kill her with LST?
Good luck with the clones

The planteaves immediately began to droop due to me bending to much…i damaged the stem it was done for.