3 months in.. just want to know if it looks right and ok so far?

Hi all, third topic here based off same plant progress :slight_smile: just want to know if my plants not growin anymore or they are, not really sure. It does seem small… but it’s my first time.

I have 2 white widow auto flowers. I have tried the thing where you tie the plant so more sun gets to the bottom to increase yield but I’m not sure if that’s right either. Anyway, Here they are:


First off let me take this opportunity to say welcome i know youve been around since November but I believe thisbis the first time i have had the pleasure
I would clear some of the weeds away from the pots if it was me
Have you been phing your water if to what number
what type of soil are you in
do you feed and if so what and how much


Welcome to ILGM. Some great people one here.
Unfortunately I think if its that far into flower its done growing and is stunted to the small size. It looks the same as the 4 that i stunted during my current wwa grow.
Also could u please send a close up of some of those leaves with the swirly marks on them. I have to google it but i kind of remeber some type of leaf burrowing pest that caused those markings in my vegetable garden a few years ago?? Can u tell us anything else? @Countryboyjvd1971 asked about ph? What kind of soil, feedings, waterings? Any known issues since started? And were they started in the containers they are in or were they transplanted to them? Sorry hope doesnt come off as pushy, some of those answers will help the community help u better. Im no expert on autos, but ive grown ilgm’s wwa 2 differnt grows… But there are defently very knowledgeable people here who im going to wait for them to chime in while i try to remember what causes those marks.

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Hey there, nice to meet ya! Yeah, this is my first attempt. I’ll be honest I have not been the best caretaker the last few weeks. I have no idea what pH is, I haven’t checked. I don’t have the equipment to be honest, just these meter thing and it says about 6.
It’s organic soil, composted I believe. Does feel a little hard tho. One was transplanted and the other I planted the seed there (the more bushy one). Water hasn’t been overly generous, but maybe there have been times it got a bit too much, maybe.
The leaves have been eaten by snails. I’ve killed most of them off. I feed the stuff in the picture and organic fertilizer. Can’t find anything with the middle p nutrient.

Thanks so much for your help.

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Hey man! Thanks for the help. Check my above comment, here’s a close up of that leaf. Cheers again!


I hate snails…, these guys like to drink?! Give them a beer party, since they enjoy beer. This is called a beer trap. Put a lot of cans in the ground, with the top lip sticking out right above the surface of the ground, then fill them with beer. Another way to do it is to put jar lids over the soil.

It doesn’t matter what kind of beer you use, but I suggest not using your favorite kind since these are unwanted party guests. These pests will walk right into the bear eager to take in as much as they, then this will kill them. If I must say so myself, this isn’t a bad way to die! Lol :wink: :innocent:

And it looks like you may have thrips and or aphids and or mealybugs and or calcium deficiency…

I hope you’ll find this useful and helpful @Tehj

~Al :v: :innocent:


Very very helpful mate. I will read over this today, probably need to buy a few things to resolve this. Don’t want them to die out hahah… not in danger of that am I?


If left untreated, yes, they are likely in close danger @Tehj , espacelly if you have multiples pests problems… Calcium deficiency is a mobile nutrient def and can be reverse if take in time…

And a pH and TDS reading will be good to know and a good start to begin with :wink::grinning:

And welcome to ILGM forum :grinning:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Clearing the weeds back will help with the bugs
I recommend you get a ph meter and doing some research on the topic
In soil 6.3-6.8 is perfect
Your soul ph can also be out of range

Here ine i know a bunch of the folks here use and like there are cheaper ones tho if $ is a issue

The bugs are definitely eating the plant and should be dealt with @Niala is helping you there


Gotcha! PH was around 6.1… how can I increase?
I’ve moved it to a different spot. Less stealthy but whatever, plant isn’t in good nick I need to fix this.
Could I spray it with Citrus oil or something to stop bugs going near it?
Do I need a certain type of food at this stage in the process?

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Neem oil work but should only be used in veg state
Also a dusting of DE helps
Outdoors it would need to be applied more often

6.1 PH. Not sure about the other one.

I moved the plants man, somewhere away from the greens, it’s more open but I need to fix this if I can… I think aphids may have Been my
Problem I’ve seen flying bugs around it.

U can boil tobacco, garlic, cayenne pepper and use it to spray. Works great in my veggy garden outside. As @Countryboyjvd1971 mentioned dimiscus earth in soil and around permiter and neam oil works good but not once flowering has started, i personally wouldnt spray the flowers with anything, just do a soil soak, and spray the leaves both sides good and maybe a circle around the plant to help repel.
I also agree that less weeds will help with bugs. And homedpo sells slug pellets work good and are cheap.

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Yeah. I’m gonna do all these things today. I have not paid enough attention lately sadly. I just hope it can recover… growth is definitely stunted sadly.

So I’ve tried a few things to prop them back up, I think they are growing again, some white hairy things coming out of the herb lol.

Any idea how long is left for these to finish?