3 Months and no flowers

I started them from seeds three months ago. Purple Haze (fem) and Bergmans Gold leaf ( autoflower) . They are growing tall and look healthy but no flowers yet. I had them under lights until they got too tall. They are in a small plastic greenhouse (inside) in front of a south facing window that gets wonderful sunlight. I grow all my veggies this way and have zero problems. But this is the first time growing pot. Shouldn’t they have flowered by now? Pic below.

They’re not getting nowhere near enough light. Put them back in a tent. Do some heavy lst and go 12/12

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I forgot to mention I will be putting them outside in 2-3 weeks. I can put lights on them until then.

That purple haze is a photo I believe and will not flower unless it gets 12 hours complete darkness every night

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I think I’ll put these outside and see what happens. I’m going to try again from seed and get more lighting.

Definitely need alot more light and get them outside as soon as possible for the sun to work on them. They should really fill out nice outside.