3 Month old plant, no sex yet

But be careful with the veni, natural weed killer in high doses. In low doses apple cider vinegar has all kinds of good shit for plants tho. With all that coco, and you get pH balanced. They gonna be starving for nutrients once they uptake. In all reality, your light green is mostly caused by lack of nutrients. pH affects nutrient uptake. But from pretty much everything I’ve read it’s low pH you gotta worry about. If it’s a little high it will drop as the plants feed. Most nutrients are still available at higher than lower too, gotta feed day 1 in coco though. And outside top soil isn’t gonna help that matter. I know you are using compost too. But that won’t last long with cannabis unless it’s a living soil

I still feel this is a very generalized answer overall, I kind of killed the topic diverting it from the pH discussion of knowing it needs to come down. Beyond that you’re gonna need to add more compost or a tea or salts. did you soak your coco?


If you drew a rectangle to enclose the area your pots are in, how large would it be? How high is your light above the tops of the plants?

Lots of things can stunt plants. Have you had success in these same conditions before?

Can you change the temperature differential?

When you say 4 week old, what event did you start counting from?


So basically best I can tell you so far is get nutrients or Begin nutes or add compost and make sure your water is between 5.5-6.5 pH before adding it. You already solved your own stretching issue with the light. Definitely don’t appear to be getting to much light. There are obvious signs of cannabalism in your stretched plant. Lower leaves turning yellow already, in veg, abnormal. And all tips yellowing too. So the plant is consuming the leaves for its nutrients. She’d be a lot happier if you provided them to her.

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Ill get u some more accurate figures. Temp differentials that is.

4 weeks old from germination

Sounds like a plan, so i need a more accurate PH tester i guess.

Where you leaving the water at 8? Or where you adjusting it? 8 is not okay. You don’t need a new tester. If you were reading and feeding 8…

Its just a litmus reading the PH of tap water here is around 7-8. So i was adding maybe alkaline water. Though note please, the plants were doing just fine until i decided to transplant them at 2.5 months old, and then started pruning, that may have stressed the plant out alot.

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If any of those plants are 2.5 months old they are seriously lacking 1 or more of 2 things. Light/nutrients/pH uptake (nutrients). Or they stretched then got smashed with light to make up for it without them having a slow adjustment period. But based off your soil and just compost. No actual pH meter. I’d start there.

Did some digging on your light. And above all else I’d say that’s the problem.

It’s only pulling 35 watts from the wall.

Sorry for how late of a response this is, it just popped up as new??? My bad guys.

Thanks mate, that’s alot of effort.


The sex showed up 2 weeks in a 12/12 schedule.

Further i do think i need better lights, idk what i’m expecting using bag seeds. I don’t really think the genetics really do me a favor when using good lights even.

I mean how big should a 3 week old plant look like. (3 weeks including seedling phase) maybe im just expecting too much