3-month-old cannabis Sativa plant has no flowers



How is she lookin now?


very2 sad


Sativas tend to grow with huge internodal spaces and long, fluffy buds.


Also, unless they’re outside & it can’t be helped, stopped spraying down your plant now that it’s flowering.


this is the strain of sativa landrace. very difficult to control the height in a small room like my growing space,

I have taken several clones, and immediately entered the 12/12 cycle45081565_2156482774613843_3873440926189748224_n


Your pH is very low, if the type in your photos is from your grow. That can cause many issues.

Your lighting also looks a bit weak for your plants. Unfortunately, unless you get some stronger lights, you probably won’t have the success you’re after. If you’re looking to upgrade, just ask around. We’re very happy to share our experiences.


I will start over again, I will learn from my mistakes,
I want to replace the lights,

I have made my choice, is this good?2 Capture


Don’t give up on your current grow! They’re growing! Sativas take forever & can look pretty funky. Just add a new light & get your pH corrected. :grinning:

The light you posted, not too sure of. You will have to wire in your own power cord, though.


First time grow. Update ,
Strain , Sativa Landrace (tropical Asia)
Light Hps 150 W . CFL 85wx2 . Co.2 Diy .
early June Starting from seed
3 month Veg . 2 month old Flowering

5 more months
#Sorry for the bad image quality



you really right sirr handshake_cartoon


it’s very difficult to grow sativa landrace in a closet


Looks like youve got a nitrogen toxicity or something going on with the plant in the right of the pic



May I ask …are your nutrients pictured above acquired from your local gardening supply?
How easy or difficult is that to get ?

Thank you.




Thanks for sharing. Your plants look pretty good.
I’m still curious on how and where one gets nutrients around the area. I’ve searched for garden centers for nutrients or fertilisers that may help and still no place I’ve found.
Any help or info would be appreciated @Atjhe_Strain.


Where do you live?

it is rather difficult to find good nutrition in certain countries.

but I have switched to organic Nutrition.

You can give Molasess / bat guano


Again, thank you.
Where do I acquire those?
Same area/city you’re in.
I’ve asked around and all I’ve been told and have seen are nutes for orchids.
It’s seems difficult for me and asking people in certain “garden”
sections. They dont know what I mean. I’ve just been to hardware
Well, my seedlings are still in veg. veg stage so…that’s that.
I had some lights in the US but couldn’t bring them.