3 month grow... how’s she doing?

This plant is about 3 months old.
She’s healthy, but maybe a slow starter.


Welcome to the community ! Plant has a little stretch but does look healthy. Beautiful view you have out the window.

Are u just growing it in the window. She is not gonna get enough light to finish off good at all in just window. Also opening the window will help alot more as the glass blocks out alot of the uv rays and stuff the plants need to grow. Looking nice color tho and healthy. 3 months she should be like triple the size she is tho

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Thanks for thoughts…
She does have a good view. We live in a beautiful area. Here’s photo of our front yard.


Yes, she is growing in a window. I do have an Amazon special grow light on her that may help a little. I could take her outside during the day and put her in at night… have to watch out for critters who want to eat her. We have deer, elk and mountain sheep to contend with.

Do you think I should take her out?

Absolutely beautiful country there.

Beautiful, you can move outside take advantage of the Sun you got a deck might help to keep the deer off.

Thanks. I’ll give the porch a try.


Yes anywhere u can get a more direct sun approach but I’d do like an hour or 2 and then try and shade it a bit for a little while to kinda harden her up to the direct sun. Maybe each day add a half hour to it if it looks ok til she can handle all day in the sun. Being out is gonna require a bit more water as it will dry up faster

I put her out in the sun… the color change after a few hours was amazing. Such a dark, rich green color.

Unfortunately, a gust of wind took her out. We stood her up and sheltered her behind a tomato plant. Hopefully she survives.

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She’ll survive even if she’s a little broken. Some of us break our plants on purpose.

I took your advice about giving her more light. She seems to be doing ok. Some leaves yellowing down low.
She’s growing with tomatoes, peas and peppers and they are all doing well.
Here are a couple photos I just took.
Let me know what you think.