3 leaf plant. Is this stress?

Is this normal? Very very new to growing and very new to this website…which I absolutely love!!! Very nice experience so far! So I started my AK47 auto flowers in July. Took an extra month to get here because of this COVID pandemic. I live in Mass so I should be good. Anyways one of my AKs has only sprouted 3 leaf fan leaves. I’ve never seen this befor on anyone’s plants. That I’ve ever noticed anyways. She did take a beating during a tropical storm we had up here a fewweeks back. Almost got ripped out of the soil. Patched her back together and here she is. Never noticed her leaf count befor that because she was so small. Could that have something to do with it? Stress?

Lack of light maybe

It does sound like your girl has had a rough life. Unfortunately you got a late start and are going to have a runt. It has already started flowering and hopefully, will double in size.

The race is now on. If lucky you will get to harvest mid October.

Don’t count runts out they may just surprise you as my SD Auto has. Not too tall 10" but a mean fat cola.


Yep, it is OK, I have experience with 3 crops of autos also in MA, 3 strains, and all of them had 3 lobed leaves.

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Thank you guys! She has grown about an inch in the last 2 days. She will get plenty of tlc and live a great life. Hopefully she rewards me with some great smooth smoke. I’ll post a pic on a later update. Thanks again. I fee better.

Take note of the deformed leaves, I would say the genetics are not that great with that plant.

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She looks great today. I’m sure she’s gonna be some good smoke. I’ve been doing a little LST on her. I swear she grew like crazy since last night.

She is kickin ass. I’m pretty much caught up to all the others.