3 ilgm autos sown


Well today I started 3 new autos. Blueberry, amnesia haze, and northern lights. Doing things a little different than the first grow to try to minimize the mistakes I’ve already made. Feel like I’m learning many useful things from this forum. Thanks everyone! This time we started in root riot cubes on roots organic soil in the red solo cups with their own personal domes. Thinking I’ll let them stay until they get some good sets of leaves and roots then into the 5 gallon smart pots they’ll go. Roots organic soil says it should take me all the way through veg with no nutes. Anyways please join in and follow. I always appreciate the knowledge you guys and gals bring.


Roots will take an auto through transition and start of flower. Has a 35 day charge. And autos don’t usually like strong nutes. That is awesome soil. I go back and forth between roots and NFTG soil. U will see how good soil changes things.

Good luck on your new ladies!


Hey there @Danfl21, that is a beautiful selection off strains, brilliant start by the way, just to echo what @Justgrowin said Autoflowers do not like full strength nutes even organic ‘ONLY’ if you have to use a stand alone nutrient for a deficiency . I love Organic growing (please do keep it green), :v:


Thanks @Johnzy81. I’m hoping to see less stressed plants and deficiencies this round. I started with nutes far to early last time I believe. I started at 1/4 strength nutes on my previous grow (that’s still growing) but from that point I have been dealing with minor issues.


I have two different Nute lineups to choose from this time. I have the technaflora recipe for success, or the nectar for the gods kit. What do y’all think I should go with?


Gets my vote all the way


I would go with NOTG personally I love organic products mate big time :+1:.


What I was thinking as well. I considered doing one plant with the kind soil underneath the roots organic. Has anyone ever used the hot soil?


Also seen this morning that the northern lights popped but the root came up and doubled back down. I had the seed down facing the way they generally pop but I guess that one had another plan.


Thats normal the middle of the stem is emerged the top will be out shortly probably next couple of hours


Well two sprouts. Both look a little funky. No news from amnesia haze yet. Probably not far behind.


2 on the move still waiting on amnesia haze.


As of this morning blueberry didn’t make it. Not sure what happened but it came up covered in slime. Northern lights has shot up on the other hand. Still nothing from amnesia haze.


Sorry to hear that mate but it’s on and upwards you will have plenty to look after soon :+1:.