3 headed led need help understanding

Hi. I’ve acquired an led with 3 heads. I’m only using for seedlings. Now it has 3 couloirs and 7 settings. Each head has 51 diodes
Each head has
1 24 red on 27 off
2 12 blue 39 off
3 15 white 36 off
4 24 red 12 blue 15 off
5 24 red 15 white 12 off
6 12 blue 15 white 24 off
724 red 12 blue 15 white.

I’d like to know what each setings pros and cons are. That’s if you can be arsed I’m yawning typing this lol butthanks in advance…,.,…hopeful of me

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Do u have a pic of thebloght or a name brand so we can look it up.

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Don’t know the make it was a gift. I think it came from Amazon.

I also have an actual streetlamp head. Surely that can be utilised. May ask in a new thread

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Do these help and any info on the streetlamp

That only has white diodes

Ok. As a regular… foor for thought? Baseline? I dunno just fyi…

Blues are for veg. They are the main… spectrum color? For vegetative plants.

Whites do both

Reds are for flower.

Now all 3 grow plants for both stages. I have heavy reds veg’s as we speak. Just diff ones encourage diff type of grow.

Heavy reds would stretch vegging plants more then blue ones.

Heavy blues would encourage (theoretically) more leaf and trich growth in flower, but thats a stage u want calyx production and trich MATURATION.

For the strength of the light (not very many watts at all im guessing) id just run all 3 simultaneously the entire grow.

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PurpNGold74 I’ve got some two-stage full spectrum lights and I’m trying to figure out what the second switch is for but when I flip that second switch it drowns out most of my pink I just read what you wrote so what you’re saying is I should use the white for seedlings and in the middle and then turn it off so it’s Pinker during my buddy or should I use just the pink and the beginning and the pink and the white in the end if you need pictures let me know

Blue and white for veg.

Red and white for bloom.

But since its not the most powerful light. Id run all 3 the entire grow.