3 for the money

This is my 3rd indoor run. All are clones i took before flipping their mothers to flower out. One i have yet to top or do much with. While training the 2 clones that i know are well worth keeping around.

They definitely respond way better to being trained then i had imagined.


Plants look great, what abkut this username?

They like being trained, you would think it would be the opposite like one would hate to be forced into positions on the whim of a master. Cannabis, she likes to be led.


One of my clones is showing signs of some leaves spotting up. Does this look like an issue, or is it time to start feeding these girls?

@Docnraq @anon1893985

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Kinda light green all over, hungry maybe? What have your feeds looked like? Runoff ph/tds?

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I have not been feeding this one yet. Its a clone that finally starting to go crazy.

Might be time to feed.

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They took a strange turn last night. I did have to water them a bit to correct the soil ph. Could this be they got to much to drink? Never had plants do this.

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After some feeding and cal mag. The girls are looking much better this morning.

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How can i get my post combined. I am not the most organized person. So it might be best if all my grow post went to just one thread. Please help me out if you or one of the mods can do this.

Do you mean topics? We’re definitely not going to move every one of your posts to a single topic. That would take forever and leave others with threads that don’t make sense because your posts are removed.

If you have a couple of topis you would like meged i can do that, you’ll just have to tell me which ones. This will also have similar effect as moving posts, topics won’t make much sense. But if the topics belong to you and thats what you want, i can do it.

Moving forward, post all of your stuff into your grow journal and it will all be in one place. I have linked one that you already have open.

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@dbrn32 thank you for the input. Ill try to look over my post this evening. But i will try to consolidate my growing adventures in one space for the most part.

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