3 fingers only and nearly 12 weeks old


I have a crystal plant that is almost 3 months old and has not developed a 5 finger leaf yet. Only 3 fingers are to be seen. She is healthy alright, was slow to get passed its 3rd or 4th set of leaves as a seedling. but growth rate has been good since. A blue aquarium light has been her primary source of light for a few weeks, could that perhaps be the cause? Although the pineapple chunk is next to it and has normal leaves? @peachfuzz @raustin @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Oldstoner @elheffe702 @dbrn32 @Whodat66 @blackthumbbetty

Bag seed monster crop and Pineapple Chunk

Got me, sometimes you run across a plant that genetically wants to do some funky stuff. I don’t think you could single handedly blame the light source, but it seems like you get a much more expected growth out of a balanced light spectrum.


Im feeling certain the blue is working well,with a daylight bulb in the same housing. This plant has been gowing pistils already too,thats on a 18/6 schedule

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12 weeks old, those are pre flowers. That’s pretty normal.

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sweet.all is well then. The lights didnt show up today,so i expect to get them monday. I would expect that our Anzac Day public holiday slowed things up. LEST WE FORGET.


Is she an auto? Ruderalis has 3 leaves, and sometimes autos can really express that trait.


no.she is a photo. I gotta be honest , im starting to wonder.


Idk i may be off here
but i have an ogk cut that throws 3fingers all the time. I mean 3 fingers but bigger than my hand. I was told that oldschool true og kush cuts were known to throw 3fingers n it was sign of the best ogk lines
Mine has em all through flower n all she does get some 7-9s but mainly big dumb 3fingers
I dont know your strain’s background but maybe a good ogk backbone

mine puts out an exotic lemon pine flavor not just some lemon pine. Coca cola taste like sprite after a bowl hit. Real clear yet relaxing high too.
So i wouldnt mark it as something bad.


Can you post pic of this 3finger crystal plant ?

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I ran a photo strain of chemdog for 3 years through cloning and it never grew anymore then 3 finger fan leaf’s… it was a very good strain that would turn almost a black and purple color towards the end of flower without any temperature adjustments…
It also never really grew any taller the 2’ to 3’ … but it was fire… wish I still had it…


Sometimes they do weird stuff.
Look at this Bergmans gold leaf I’ve got

I’ve never seen that before either.


Here’s a 3 finger leaf on an auto Frisian dew and further up they are 7 leaf. At first they were all rounded and wavy on the fringe. Didn’t even look like what it is. Gonna smoke well I’m sure. :grin::v:


good stuff to hear. she seems to be growing aok by me. i was surprised to see the 3 fingers from a seed. thought that stuff was for monster croppers just starting to veg again. interesting is all.cheers for the input @Rooted


Any chance of some photos in natural light? @Bubbles1


what r the specs of the aquarium light.?
what is your watering schedule.?
environmental specs.?
also… like Hungry said, we need good pics.!

a true photo plant should not have 3 finger leaves,
it is a sign of internal stress, like re-vegging from flower.
could be caused by bad lighting, over-watering, heat/cold stress…
@Oldguy 's plant experienced internal stressing early on and has since not been exposed to that stress or simply grew big enough to overcome it.!
@Rooted 's ogk sounds very temperamental, if he can find the stress or stresses and fix it/them, she would not put on 3 finger leaves anymore.!
@Drinkslinger has a true deformity, sorry Drink, don’t mean to offend… anomaly.! lol

tag me when u get some good ‘white light’ pics and/or info posted.!!


Ha. No offense. Just ilgm genetics. I think they’ve created an auto topping plant. Saves me the trouble of cutting her the first time.

It is wierd though


I had the same thing happen with my Gold Leaf. Started and stayed weird looking for the first several weeks.


Even more interesting.

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Looks like someone’s cat has been enjoying the garden. My profile pic of my hound dog is a perfect example of what happens to domestic animals that sample ones stash. lol


You are correct. Mine had a stuck seed husk that I had trouble removing. And the plant has outgrown that. :wink::+1::v: