3 different strains 2nd grow any advice

I am planning on growing 1amnesia haze auto 1 blueberryauto and 1 northern lights auto in my coat closet I according to grow guides they all get about the same height ,the blueberry and northern lights have same flower time the amnesia haze will take another week or. Two the trichomes will tell me when to harvest it’s not a huge area but three white widow fem filled it nicely does anybody know if this is a bad plan because I am getting ready to pop seeds thanks

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Sounds good to me. Autos are great for growing different strands because they are gonna do what they are gonna do under the light. So doing autos was a good move.

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What do you have for ventilation ? Lights ? How big is this closet ? Will smell be an issue ? Just a couple of things to think about. Good luck :wink:

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Sounds like a solid plan you should be good with autos in that space
Assuming you have all the needed items since you already have one grow under your belt
What type of medium size pots
And nutrients are you using ?

I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that you already had a grow under your belt. I was just thinking of a few things that I didn’t think about in advance on my first grow, that I am still in the middle of . I’m thinking of growing some autos over the winter , for my next grow. Happy growing :smile:

It will be 3 gallon fabric pots in organic soil using hydro micro,grow,and bloom notes suitable for soil I have a 4” intake and a carbon exhaust a spectra 460 watt led light also a circ fan the only thing I didn’t have was a tds meter I am satisfied with first grow 6 oz dried bud and 2-1/2 oz popcorn with a little trichey sugar leaves my space is 30”by32” coat closet with Mylar blankets the one thing I want to improve on is bud density even my big buds felt a little light thanks

Good luck on your grow!

Probably the best single thing you can do is more light. I’m using a 1200w LED and thinking about getting another for my next grow, 460watts just isn’t enough to produce the big solid buds we all want.

this is four plants in a 3’ × 3’ × 60" tent, about three weeks to harvest! !!! My first grow.