3 day old seedling bends over and dies

The strain is purple Haze, it germinated fine, once it had a tap root, I placed it in rock wool and I placed it next to my other plant, on the second day I took the cube and planted it in some soil, two days later it was bend over in the middle and died, I would spray it with water but from a distance so the strength of the spray wouldn’t kill it I also spray around the base, what do you think caused this, I have 4 more seeds and don’t want to ruin those, should I just plant the seed in soil after it gets germinated next time instead of the cube, the PH was 6

We all learn from our mistakes
Don’t give up. Just keep trying and we are all here to help you.

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Thanks, I’ll try again, my other Purple Haze is in flower now so wish me luck with the next one lol

Well item wishing you luck my friend.
How many weeks in flower is you Haze in?

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Your soil could have been to hot , you have to ph any soil straight out the bag first for seedlings . Most bag soil is 7.1 and that’s ah little hot for babies , hope this helps . But what I learned that works very accurately is coco coir and perlite which has no organic matter in it and it’s been pretty consistent , once the seedling become established at least 3-5 nodes you should be able to transplant either to soil or hydro resourvoir .


I start my seeds right in the rockwool. Works every time. :slight_smile:

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I thought that might’ve been it, I had prepared a super soil about a month and a half ago with blood meal, bone meal, compost and bat guano, and it must’ve been still too hot, this is my third attempt at growing, my first turned out to be a male and the one I have in flower is from a female seed, and I’ve gone all organic with that one, I’ve never had any problems with burn or deficiency, but it was a month before I added anything to it, I should’ve know better, I’ll test the soil next time, thanks again

Just a few days, she’s from a female seed, my first plant was from a mixed pack and turned out male, so I made sure it was a female, I think I know what happened with the seedling, soil was too hot, same soil I had my organic female in, but live and learn, this whole thing is a learning process, thanks again

No, 7.1 pH is not too hot for seedlings. The pH in soil could be 6.5, and this is considered more ideal for cannabis in soil.

However, I’ve told Yoshi this before because he seems confused about this point, is most bag soil, or compost or potting mix is too nutrient hot for seedlings. The nutrients, the NPK values as well as possibly secondary and other micro nutrients might be too strong, or too concentrated, it has nothing to do with pH really, most comercial potting soil is going to be 6.5 to 7.0 pH balanced regardless if it is for adult plants or seedlings. Young seedlings and germinating seeds need nearly zero nutrients, nutrient free, or “seedling starter” soil.



I started my second grow in coco coir and perlite , and when I transplanted I kept it in most of the coco but centered it in a layer soil , coco on top , miracle grow moisture control next , roots organic third , and fox farm ocean forest on bottom . I tried this my last grow , and it really worked well as the plant developed roots , does that make a difference , as of now I’m not sure , but I had great success of great quality of 4.5 oz of great bud . But truth of it all its all a learning experience for everyone , and you have to figure out your preference and what works for you to get from start to finish . No two people will grow the same , but it’s only my opinion , I’m not a supposedly a professional but I did get success merely that way after having a very stressed out plant .

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I started my seeds last year and this year in potting soil. I filled up 8 gallon pots with potting soil and then hollowed out a hole in the middle. I put special potting mix for seedlings in the middle and planted the seeds. This has worked well for me growing outdoors. All of my seeds germinated and grew just fine.

PH for seedlings are variable. It really does not matter until they are ready for nutrients. (4-5 alternating nodes of true leaves). :slight_smile:

I know this is an older question but I had a solution that seemed to make it MUCH easier for me to start seeds. I put them in a 2 1/2 inch peat pot and used Jiffy organic starter soil. It seemed to have made the grow a lot easier. I sprouted the seeds in paper towel and napkin for 24 hours and they had nice long tails. I put them in the Jiffy Organic Seed Starter Soil (bought it at Lowes really cheap) and they took off! I planted them directly into the soil I prepared (See “my First Auto Grow - Blueberry”)
As Autos are sensitive to transplanting, I used these to pots to see if I can have strong soil and still have them live. They are doing well now.
Hope that helps someone for the future.

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I’m not there yet , but I’m getting ready for my first auto experience in hydro actually . But my plans is real simple soak my peat plug , put germinated seed in a 3 gallon and let her go with advance line , all I want is for it to swell up big as soda can .

You guys are getting the right idea. You have to decide and choose a method that you understand. Once you do this, and get 4-5 grows under your belt; Things will come easier, and your understanding of how to grow this plant, will develop to the point, that you will be able to experiment with many options.


Latewood this my forth run and I’m still baffle , I have to screen read the grow bible and calendar notes . Besides I’m also learning it’s more work growing two different strains at the same time in the same space with the same soil . I had to feed each plant differently after the first bloom nutrients because one plant love it , and I’m guessing the other was not getting all what it needed . So back to basis made a few changes and they are coming alone now . But I’m ah lil sceptic of the hydro , hopefully I can pull it off .

Hang in there. Hopefully you will gain confidence as the grow goes on. :slight_smile:

Yes Sir , and if needed I can ask the forum are the ground an here you are MacG.