3 day dark before harvest

Hello, I been reading a lot to get some education. So, I read about a 3 day dark before harvest. Can someone tell me more about that. Thanks for the info!! Seadog


Darkness prior to harvest (I usually just do over night) is done to take advantage of a plant’s metabolism: when in their night cycle, nutrients and sugars produced during the day are transported back into the root mass. That means when you harvest before the day cycle starts, all of the (or at least much of) nutrients are still sequestered in the roots to be cut away. The result is a smoother, softer, less harsh smoke. You can extend darkness but it doesn’t make much difference. You can add a dehumidifier and really pound the plant with low RH while in darkness and that seems to do good things.


Thanks again for the info. I’m a beginner and really take a lot from these issues. I learned a lot just by browsing the forums. Wow, thanks Seadog