3 bubba kush / 3 green crack autos 1 trainwreck fem 6-22-18


Some fat nugs in there :drooling_face:


Hey I don’t know where they say this green crack is energetic and uplifting. Shit I just woke up from a 3hr nap I have to call this breeder and let them know that was not a true fact. Well maybe I shouldn’t have smoked a whole blunt of greencarack and maybe that’s the reason for the name.


Hahahahaha! Thats always my thought when smoking ‘energetic’ bud… well usually. Strange when weed gives u that ‘lets do shit’ buzz nowadays :joy::rofl:


All the weed I have grown puts me to sleep. If you smoke a lot of any kind of strain I think its going to make you sleepy.

I bought the sativa mix pack just so I could have some energetic weed. They claim it is better then a cup of coffee.

We will see @PurpNGold74 @Onlythebest79


So basically @MAXHeadRoom and @PurpNGold74 just said I ODed on greencrack.


Update on :steam_locomotive: trainwreck from 2 day ago

She’s trying to fill in her screen and doing so on her on timing but I’m not going to rush her.


Well the :steam_locomotive: wreck is showing out and I switched her to flower yesterday 9-19-18 and hopefully she turns into some of the best bud I have ever grown. Check her out as she’s sunbathing under the lights I fed her today and she’s like umm umm I like how you treat me. I also heard her whisper to me and she said I WILL BE FIRE be be careful when you smoke me. So I’m going to take heave to her earning

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Here’s her after 4 days and she’s loving the lights

@dbrn32 @Big123 @BIGE @MattyBear @peachfuzz @Zombo @Screwauger @PurpNGold74 @MAXHeadRoom @Dr.DankThumb420


Well I just put her through a rough session of LSTing and tucking for last time. I broke 3 tops but tapped them back up hopefully they’ll catch back on. So far she seems to like the massage session and now set to do her thing now


After tucking yesterday here she is today not even 24 hrs after she is standing right back up


This is her now after a good defoliation session of the under carriage. I hope she takes off now :racing_car::dash:

Well :roll_eyes: duh I missed or forgot to take pic of under carriage will do when I get back home :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::joy: that’s what I get for being high


If someone can help me and who has grown this trainwreck from ilgm. How long do they normally stretch for while transitioning to flower???

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I haven’t grown Trainwreck yet, but it’s on the list :wink:


i’m thinking maybe @ntmaremach or @WillyJ has grown…maybe @hillcrest21678
i have never grown it as well…


Pic of undercarriage


I’m growing one outdoor right now, I accidentally topped her, and I have super-cropped the hell out of her, she’s still my tallest plant.


Haven’t grown Trainwreck so I don’t have any idea @Onlythebest79… has anyone fimmed their plants more than once, I’m thinking about doing my AK again, have fimmed once already



No I have never filmed but I either top after 4th or 5th node and LST and defoliate the plants whole life. These last couple of grows I have not topped and I’m getting the same results about 4 o’s a plant from autos. This trainwreck has been mainlined and defoliated over and over and over again to the point to where she’s at now



If you can help me what’s the benefits of filming vs topping?


Here’s a pic of all the weed from the greencrack and bubba kush autos being burped for the day