3 bubba kush / 3 green crack autos 1 trainwreck fem 6-22-18


Some fat nugs in there :drooling_face:


Hey I don’t know where they say this green crack is energetic and uplifting. Shit I just woke up from a 3hr nap I have to call this breeder and let them know that was not a true fact. Well maybe I shouldn’t have smoked a whole blunt of greencarack and maybe that’s the reason for the name.


Hahahahaha! Thats always my thought when smoking ‘energetic’ bud… well usually. Strange when weed gives u that ‘lets do shit’ buzz nowadays :joy::rofl:


All the weed I have grown puts me to sleep. If you smoke a lot of any kind of strain I think its going to make you sleepy.

I bought the sativa mix pack just so I could have some energetic weed. They claim it is better then a cup of coffee.

We will see @PurpNGold74 @Onlythebest79


So basically @MAXHeadRoom and @PurpNGold74 just said I ODed on greencrack.


Update on :steam_locomotive: trainwreck from 2 day ago

She’s trying to fill in her screen and doing so on her on timing but I’m not going to rush her.


Well the :steam_locomotive: wreck is showing out and I switched her to flower yesterday and hopefully she turns into some of the best bud I have ever grown. Check her out as she’s sunbathing under the lights I fed her today and she’s like umm umm I like how you treat me. I also heard her whisper to me and she said I WILL BE FIRE be be careful when you smoke me. So I’m going to take heave to her earning

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