3 Babies in the Bush...1st grow...waiting for Veg 😄

Hi! Can people recommend pot size for both: 1) White Widow Autoflower &
2) Regular seed sativa/indica
I’m in Australia so if using gallons can you please say if they’re US or UK/Imperial so I can do the correct conversion. Thanks


3 gallon fabric pots for WWA and for photo strains you need at least 5gal(5-100gal :joy:). Depending on how much you keep them in veg stage.
PS You can ask all the questions in the same thread :wink:

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3-5 gal works great good luck and post plenty of pics


I’m still really new at this but I think it makes a difference if you are growing outside or inside.
If inside a 3 gal (US) will be fine. Pretty much any Auto’s grown inside use a 3 gal (US).
IF growing outside you’ll need a bigger pot. Probably a 5 gal (US).
OUTSIDE growing in general you’re going to want a bigger pot especially if growing something other than Autos.
Your regular seed put in as big a pot as you can.
I’m sure someone with more experience will come along soon with more advise… Good Growin :v::seedling:


I’m with @M4ur @70sChick
I use 3 gal for Autos
And five fir photos indoors
Outdoors I like to use 15/25 gal pots minimum
But have use 5 gal when I had nothing else available lol
Good luck and happy growing @Sunflower
Oh yeah 1 other thing welcome to the best forum online Have no fear we will get you to harvest :+1:


I was growing the autos in 5 gal and Iam growing most of my photos here in 65 gal fabric…
The " Tree farm " grow is done on our other property by friend of ours in 200 and 400 gal fabric…
They grow big :wink::wink::wink::wink:


That sweet @Ragnar woohoo brother
I wish I was in a legal state so I could grow trees too
Biggest issue use I 25 for now lol
But if I could I would definitely die the 100-200 gal pots for sure


Thanks for that. I’m wondering whether to germinate my seeds in the biggest pots that they’ll stay in later or transplant them in a few weeks from.a smaller pot. I need to carry them out to grow spot so I’m thinking to transplant. Has anyone got any advice as to whether the small plants will be ok in small pots, trekked out to grow spot, and transplanted there? I will use SeaSol to help with transplant shock.

If you are talking about auto strains, yes you can put them from start in bigger pot/permanent home.
For photo period strains I think is best to repot the at least one time… But let’s ask this guys how they do it @bob31 @WillyJ @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster
PS you need to put them in dirt after you germinate the seeds, I germinate my seeds whit paper towels method after I put the seeds in a glass of water for 24h. After them are showing the tails I put them in Jiffy tabs and after 3-6 days I put them in dirt.
Hope this help!


Hey awesome @M4ur … just put them in pots after reading this…i can’t wait…wooo…bring it on greenery :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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shot glass soak until 1/4 inch tail

Autos go directly into the 4 gallon pots with domes
Photos go into a solo cup or similar with lots of holes and also get domes.

Both get spray pH water on dome for first week!

Hope this helps!

I am in the US @Sunflower


I put them in water in a coffee cup or something light won’t penetrate until they split and tap root shows then I put them in starter plugs (rapid rooters) as soon as roots show I put them in in solo cups then to 1 gal pots then to 5 gal…you can go straight to the big pot but you’ll need to really watch your watering…you want the soil to dry before you water again and that is easier to do if you go to cups first…when you transplant pick up cup or pot and feel how much it weights then water it and pick it up again feel how heavy it got then pick up every day and when feels close to weight it did before you watered water again until you get about 20% runoff… works for me :grinning:


That is awesome…!

@Ragnar that is awesome!

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Hi all…sorry about the multiple topics. I have been confused posting on this forum so hopefully this is the original topic I’m supposed to stay with?
Ok so I’m not sure what I’m doing here with my germination. I soaked for over 24 hrs then paper towel. 5 of 8 seeds got a sprout so i put them in a pot with tomato/veg/herb soil mix and sat on window sil. The sprout in each is only short is this ok and is this all right ? Reckon they will come up? Any advice please really welcome…thanks :slight_smile:

I watered soil in pots all the way through before planting the seeds. I have 5 seeds with small sprout in a 4.5 litre pot.

Yes it is :wink:, no worries you get there too…:grinning:

Ok now, to yours questions , I recommend you start own topic with your concerns and pictures, you will be asked to fill out ticket, I dont know how to get it to you but here @garrigan62

One of them should be able to guide you through…

Welcome here

The 4.5 litre pot im using is in Australia:
8 inches diameter (20cm)
7.5 inches height (19cm)

Man thesepotting sizes are all over the shop…nothing seems tobe universal but I think this one equals a bit over a 1gallon US pot.

@Ragnar … thanks heaps for that! I’ll wait on instructions for the ticket thing because I’m a bit lost in this forum haha :dizzy_face:

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One thing cant wait so here it is…
Make sure the soil you plant the seeds is not hot ( no nutes)
Ok, happy growing