3 autos in coco coir (nutes question)

I’ll hit you up when I get home from work. Sorry buddy. Been really busy lately. Plants looking great though. Keep it up

Gotta take care of my plant then I’ll hit you go

I think they are coming around now that the ppm l’s have been lowered. Had a couple fan/sensor issues which lowered my temps to 57F but they handled it well as far as I can see. Here’s a pic of the girls today.

Yeah, plants looking big enough that you can water to runoff. What type of nutrient you using?

Here is gh drain to waste schedule

Since I water to some runoff (enough to measure ph and ppm) before I feed, I feed damn near everytime. When my pot is wet from the first gallon or two of plain ph water, I can feed with close to 800-1000 ppm going and my runoff numbers will be around 500-600ish. I’m in early bloom. Once buds get a little bigger I’ll start feeding with 2x gallon of nutrient water to get my runoff ppm closer to 600-800ppm. Looking good buddy

I’m using the GH flora trio, but I used another brand Cal Mag which jumped my girls to about 3000 ppm so that’s why I flushed (I think the Cal Mag is the culprit). Should be on track fir tomorrow’s feeding but I’ll definitely water to runoff first and see where they are at.

What brand calmag

Emerald Valley

FF does that too. Gringo Rasta. It also drove my PH way high. So; GH cal mag ordered!

I’ll order some tonight too

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I’m having trouble getting my OH in coco down as well. I’ve pumped gallons of ph 5 through pot and runoff numbers will not get below 6.5. I added nutrients last time and fed at low 5s and still came out 6.3-5. I’ve read that if you let pot. Really dry out then salts will build up. But with that I’ll be watering every other day. Plants look great thou

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Good luck with yours. I’d love to see pics. My last flush took 10 gallons before it really dropped.

Yeah; some of that you can futz with using F/W period. In Promix when the plant is drawing lots of water and nutes, I might do a F/F/F/W. Later in flower when things taper off, or if temps are very high/RH is low to something closer to F/WF/W. Being sure to have at least 10% runoff each time.

The later in flower you go, the lower the media’s PH will tend to go. Other than top dressing dolomite lime (not a bad idea if done soon enough), that would buffer at a slightly higher PH. But organic material is breaking down and driving PH down. With reduced demand on the nutrients in late flower it might not pose much of a problem. That said I’d like to support it in range and with more N than the schedules usually account for.

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Here she is buddy. No auto this time. It’s a California dream photo. 80/20 indica dom I believe. Wife is gonna buy me either a mix pack or 10 Bruce banner seed for next order. I want more sativa this time

Massive amounts of bud sites


That looks damn good bro!

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I have a question about my temps while in the veg stage. Currently my tent runs at 77F when lights are on but dropping to 59-60 when the lights are off. Does anyone think this will negatively impact the growth?

I can’t really get my ph below 6.7-6.8 in my two plants that look good. I only seem to need to water every 3 days because pushing 3-4 gallons each feeding trying to get ph down. I read how you had similar issue. Did you resolve it. My two plants are growing like crazy but not sure what to do. To be honest, my gut tells me to let them dry out more between watering but you say that might contribute to my problem. @HornHead my ears are open

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From everything I have read and from personal experience, don’t let pot dry out completely like you do with soil. I’m in a 7 gallon bag with about 6 gallons filled with coir and perlite and I water every 2 days. On the ph issue. I just flushed with about 10 gallons of 5.0-5.5 water and couldn’t get my final reading below 6. I assume with how often I am watering and the way I water/feed, I water with 5.4-5.7 water. I figuring:
Hour 1. Ph 5.5
Hour 4. Ph 5.7
Hour 8. Ph 5.9.
See where I’m going. Coir ph is supposed to be like hydroponics 5.5-6.5. Different nutrients get taken up better at different ph levels. So every 2 days I starting at the bottom and working my way up over 2 day period. Seems to work good. If not try some dolomite lime top dressing

Man, I just went back to the beginning. Those little ladies are growing good. Good job

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Thanks for all the info, and that helps make more sense to me. I think I’ll water tonight. Will you still water two days after flushing like you did? My guess is yes considering what you said. Guess I should flush, but man it takes forever especially with these 10 g pots.