3 auto strains day 72....seems stalled?

A quick question…so these girls have been on 18/6 since day 1. Today is day 72. They are looking pretty good i think but…they seem to have stalled out. I havent noticed much if any growth. I defoliated most fan leaves 6-7 days ago to help increase light penetration and air flow. They responded beautifully the first few days after but since they seem to have almost stopped. My question is should i switch to 12/12 to help them out? Did i shock them by removing the fans? Am i being an impatient boob?:laughing: as always…any and all opinions and knowledge is welcome.


@Hogmaster dont know weve conversed but ive read several threads here on autos you have spoken on. Any advice is appreciated

That 4th pic looks like she’s almost done the rest look like they have about 2 weeks of fattening up to do

@GreenSnek thats my amnesia haze and shes still got white hairs and plenty of clear trichs. My real question is whyd everybody stop? Or appears too. After reading most peoples timeline im estimating another 20 to 30 days.

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They haven’t stopped the development just slows until the pistils darken which then forces the calyx connected to them to swell

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so this one is about to get on it? Same with that fourth pic in my first set? cant wait to see what this one does. Crazy thing is those are both gsc extreme in the same container started the same day under the same light.

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Yea tell me about it my youngest has the fattest most frostiest buds out of the lot and my middle girl is practically a midgit and the least ripe (only 12 inches but her buds are starting to get THICC)

You’re looking really good. It will seem as if they are not developing. I found that as they get closer to the finish, it seems as if development is slower. May be that it is true or just my novice eye not seeing the continued growth. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

My first grow went well into the 100 days. My Amnesia went a full 16 weeks with 12 weeks of flowering.

Continued success. :call_me_hand:

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