3 Alaskan purple auto 3 purple Haze auto

I’m back already wanted to do a quick grow with some autos I couldn’t wait until summer lol. Anyway my second grow and my first were photos. I have all of the basics down and then some. All I need to know is there anything I need to know about training because I know they are a little more sensitive then photo since you don’t have much time to correct anything… so just lst … tying down and light deformation of fan leaves. Any other tricks I should know to get the best yield I would appreciate it guys

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I don’t grow autos, but if I did would do just as yoi have listed.

Try to leaf tuck as much as possible that will help happy growing :v:

Gonna follow along. I have 1 alaskan purple auto coming out. First time this strain. Maybe we can watch each others back. I am in earth dust.