3,678,443,217th plant question😁


but go easy with the nutes/feed :santa:


Did another feeding yesterday as the soil was ready for it. Also made a co2 generator. Not 100% but I think they look a lot happier.



They are looking WAY better. I think my problem is that I’ve been gardening outside organically my whole adult life so this feeding business is new to me. Once I upped the food amount they started smiling big time. Changed my heater as well and got the temperature up a little and I think it helped a little too.


Certainly making better progress still. Where the tips of leaves are missing is where we accidentally pinched them while they were tiny when we topped them. Side branches are growing great on three but slow on two. I’m going to quit saying “it’s like watching paint dry” and start saying “it’s like watching plants grow”.


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They’ve certainly gone from wimpy to hefty. They’re beautiful and you can smell them throughout the house from down in the basement. About to build a carbon filter.



Been 38 days since I posted this thread and everything is still going great. Tallest plant is now at 22" with the others very close behind. Have tied down branches on two plants. I think I will switch one plant every week or two into flower. Maybe longer… We shall see. Gonna grab pics now.