3.5 weeks in and I am letting my girls down! Help

Hello to everyone here, awesome site with like minded souls, thanks for the opportunity.
Shot a post in the wrong topic area.
Got 2 replies thanks to Calligurl and Covertgrower. Will put it out again as I am flying blind and would appreciate any input.
Be brutal if need be…
All seeds from ILGM.
Big Bud, Photo
Amnesia Haze, Photo
Chocholoupe, Photo
Bruce Banner, Autos.
Photos will go outside to finish.
All struck strongly and were vigorous for 2 weeks,
except the chocoloupe, 1 from 5 struck and is slow and sad atm.

Coco coir / Pearlite/ 10% activated charcoal.
Ph unknown will check today and post ASAP

See photos
Thanks in anticipation of some advise.

Seems that most problems early in the life of seedlings is caused by watering issues.

I soak my soil before placing the seed, then I let it go for a 5-7 days before watering it again. After 5-7 days I give it another good watering. If you water a little bit every day or two it keeps the roots from searching out the moisture in the soil and they just don’t grow well.

If you check your plants several times a day you won’t hurt them if one of them dries out too much and wilts. It will recover quickly and show how long they can go without watering. Overwatering if far worse for them then letting them dry out for a couple hours.


Cheers CMGrower.
Yeah long time bush grower here trying to swap to indoors.
Seems all is different, Challenging and heartbreaking atm.
My meter says dry to about an inch depth moist to 3/4 way down bag then just showing wet.
Will resist the urge to water until bags totally dry and go from there.
Will concentrate on the PWM? and Bugs.
Will keep you posted.

Check for spider mites. The white spots are a sign. Look for webbing and little black or red dots under the leaves.

Hey Family man.
Cheers, will try peroxide spray tonight and keep you posted.
Couldn’t get a loupe so just got a high magnifying glass, can see a couple of reddish and white spots under the leaves.

Those first pics looks like spider mites… even looks like a couple on the leaf tops. Do you have a scope it jewlers loupe?

No loupe
Had look with high mag glass and can just see some red n black spots.
Will hit it with peroxide at a 10:1 % , feed Cal mag trace tonight at lights out.
Ph 7-7.1, little high so will use some hydro PHDown if the Trace elements don’t bring it down a little.
Thanks for the heads up.

Is that a partial albino I see you lucky devil it’ll be smaller but albino buds are supposed to be super clean smokes

Hey GreenSnek.
Cheers for the heads up… Albino hey, well there you go, I was curious about the yellow, was thinking it was a deficiency, hope I can bring them to cycle end. Worried about the spots atm.
Will keep you posted

Morning all
Quick update on the girls…
Lights out, green lens torch.
Sprayed foliage with chilli soapy water mix, top / bottom of each leaf.
Followed by trace element supplements, Cal Mag Moly etc.
Humidity 30 - 55 RH
Temp 23C -30.5C
I have no loupe just a mag glass 2x.
If I take good clear shot and post can someone have a close look and advise what they see.
Will post shots shortly.
Thanks to all.