3 1000 watt ledrunning with a 225 watt for the clones

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I am really excited about them getting here they look like a very good strains already have indoor hydro up and running with Afghan about 2 more weeks I will flower them I have 3 1000 watt ledrunning with a 225 watt for the clones do you think the leds will be good enough?I have never used them until now the Afghan is looking good what do you think?

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Can u tell us a little more about the 3x1k led’s? How many actually watts does it pull.
Example; mine are Dimigogo 1k full spec. Uv IR, act. pull is 230watts. Or holland star R9 1K act.pull 250watts.
Also things like how big of a space, how many plants, distance from lights to plants,… I would also mayne fill out a support ticket. There are some guys who really know the LED answers and pull amazing yeilds with them. I personally use a 400hps with 2 1k leds as side lighting.


You have an led light that supplies uvb? @Familyman420

Sorry no. My dimigogo is triple chip 12band full spec. With UV and IR


Gotcha. I thought I may have been missing out on something. Last I looked leds were dime a dozen down to about 365nm. Below that they get very rare and super expensive.


I’m not an LEDguy but @dbrn32 and @Donaldj are wizards at them!! And from what they say they rock but you have to have knowledge in there actual ratings. Which I’m still trying to get grips on.


First Welcome to ILGM

Your three L E D Lights would be to much for seedlings. Something more like T5s would be more like it.

250 Watts (500W HID equivalent)

ONE X SK450 will replace a 500W HID. While TWO X SK450 will replace your 1000W HID unit. Both systems will increase yields by 25% or more, save 50% on electricity, save space and heavily reduce ventilation.

250W true power from ONE SK450 which replaces 500W HPS.

Qty. LED HID equiv. Flower Pro. Yield
1 250W 500W 16 sq ft 300g
2 500W 1000W 16 sq ft 600g
3 750W 1,500W 24 sq ft 900g
4 1000W 2000W 32 sq ft 1200g

3W LEDs x 150 = 450 Watt full capacity driven at 55.5% = 250W true power per unit 6th generation Spectrum II™ LEDs using 100 X ‘white LEDs’, individual ‘white’ LEDs are a mix of the primary colors red, green blue (RGB) to supply you with high end color rendering and our full spectrum. These 100 X ‘white’ LEDs are expensive to produce and the absolute best on the market. The remaining 50 X LEDs are a mixture of ‘reds’ to turbo charge the flowering for maximum yields and far-red output to enable strict photoperiod control.

Lighting Chart - A guide for wattage per square foot.
HID Light Output Primary Growing Area Supplemental Area
100 watts 2’ x 2’ 3’ x 3’
250 watts 3’ x 3’ 4’ x 4’
400 watts 4’ x 4’ 6’ x 6’
600 watts 6’ x 6’ 8’ x 8’
1000 watts 8’ x 8’ 12’ x 12’

Fluorescent Lighting

This type of light is perfect for starts and seedlings. They are also popular for growing low-light cannabis plants like herbs and African violets. Fluorescent lights are low intensity and need to be placed within 8" (up to 15" for shade loving cannabis plants) of the cannabis plants to be effective. They are a poor light source for flowering and budding primarily because of their low lumen output.

Daylight Cool White Gro-Lux GroLux WS
Light Type Band Watts % Watts % Watts % Watts %
Ultra-Violet -380 0.186 2.15 0.16 1.68 0.10 1.42 0.27 3.16
Violet 380-430 0.832 9.60 0.72 7.57 0.70 9.67 1.07 12.48
Blue 430-490 2.418 27.91 1.98 20.78 1.96 27.07 1.22 14.29
Green 490-560 2.372 27.38 2.35 24.67 1.02 14.02 1.24 14.49
Yellow 560-590 1.259 14.53 1.74 18.27 0.10 1.42 0.83 9.77
Orange 590-630 1.144 13.21 1.69 17.75 0.44 6.05 1.36 15.93
Red 630-700 0.452 6.22 0.81 8.47 2.86 39.55 1.86 21.78
Far Red 700-780 0.130 1.53 0.07 0.81 0.06 0.80 0.69 8.10
Total 8.890 100.0 9.52 100.0 7.24 100.0 8.54 100.0


I stand corrected @garrigan62 is a light guru too!!!


Not a big LED guy but am improving my knowledge everyday much more familiar with HID’s and t5’s will be starting my venture into LED’s shortly


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Wow 6550 plants. Crazy

Not uncommon in the Triangle… lol :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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I’ve read a couple of the post explaining how they source parts and build these crazy lights, and WOW… They make some amazing lights,Way way out of my DIY league,but fascinating to read. Some day ill probably buy a few decent leds, im pretty impressed with cheap knock offs as additional lighting on both sides of my HPS.

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