2x600w in a 4x4

Hey just wandering if anybody’s used 2 600hps in a 4x4x6 or 1.2x1.2x2. If I can control the heat will it be a lot better than just using 1?? Thanks

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I’m using 2 900w LED and 4 tubes in a 5x5. Do you know the true watts of the lights? But I think you’ll be okay if you’re happy with the temps. Just start them high

Assuming you have proper ventilation I suppose the extra intensity would = ×tr weight? I maybe
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Yes i use a 400 watt and a 1000 watt hps bulb in the same room with temps controlled yield is far better and much more with it.

If you can control heat than go ahead and run both lights :smile: @Matthew420 of a hpsis advertised at 600 watts it’s gunna be 600 watts


I have LED on my brain :frowning:

All is well I got it covered :slight_smile:

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As most are familiar, the general rule of thumb for HPS is 50 watts per square foot.

In a 4 foot by 4 foot area, you have 4x4=16sq. ft. and 16x50watts=800watts

And that would be the minimum you usually want to shoot for.

2x600w=1200w, which is quite a bit more than the minimum.

It might work very well for you, however there is such a thing as photoinhibition, in other words too much light.

It is rare, but I have seen it happen where in 1000w cooled hood, when the bud or plant gets too close to the light it starts to bleach out, actually bleach to white.

So even with temps controlled, just watch out for slowed growth and this whitening or loss of chlorophyll in parts getting really close to the light.

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Thanks @MacGyverStoner

Thanks guys, I might just go for 2 x 400hps to be safe

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Jenx Just a little food for thought ,I have two 400 watt hps right now on plants that are into the 5th week of flowering,They are doing well and budding there butt off.But what I have learned and I don’t know if it applies to you But I am trying to keep my electric bill down.So I just ordered a new 600 watt LED I think it will be cheaper to run but I am not sure if it will out do the HPS I guess we will see.Another thing I have these light in a extra bedroom that’s about 12x12 the temperature will get as high as 82 degrees all i have is a couple fans if I need to cool it off I open the door the basement is always cool If I leave the door open 1/4 of the way the room stays at 75 witch to me is perfect with about 55 to 60% humidity.Anyway I was thinking you are going to have to get the heat out somehow and for what it counts coming from me I think 600 would be to much.Thanks for reading just my two cents good luck.

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I have done a trail run with 2x600w with 2 cool tubes last night in my
4x4x2 and left in running for 5hours and the most she got up to was 26
degrees, ive decided to go with this and will let you know how it goes,
thanks for your help guys