2x4x6 Tent, BP2500 LED

So I over-watered my first seedlings and they didnt make it. I’m restarting and I want to make sure I have as many things right as possible, including my lighting. I have a 2x4x6 tent and I’m using a BloomPlus BP2500 LED board. It’s a 250W light that can be adjusted between 120W and about 280W. I have my seeds germinating in paper towels and I plan to plant them today or tomorrow. 2 questions…How far should my light be from my sprouts, and how should I detetmine the wattage?


@CannaNewbieGrow this is what i found on your light.

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Photo or auto seeds if you don’t mind me asking

Feminized, photo period, White Widow by Seedsman

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To start seedings I would turn your light wattage down Low position. Seedlings don’t need a lot a light 28 to 30" after they get up an look to be stretching you can lower the light a little.