2x4x5 tent, needs advice


Currently have two 300W mars led’s, will be running the tent on a vivosun 190 CFM 4 inch fan, I want to add a ballast in between my led’s, what should I get?

I have seen small 250W kit wich seems nice, but also seen dimmable 400W ones with bigger reflector I could dim down to 250W.

This will be my first grow, seeds are in paper towels atm :smiley:

Thanks :smiley:


I would go with 250 watt kit, (2) 300 watt led lights and a 250 watt light should definitely be sufficient for that area. You want to aim for 35-50 Watts (true Watts when using led lights) per square ft of grow space


@Majiktoker Thanks for your answer, now should I get a 400W kit and dim it to 250w? 400W seems to take lots of space with two 300W leds, but reflector seems way better… what do you think?


Reflectors are better, but if your tent has mylar in it that is 90% of light reflected so id go with some thing smaller, more room for the plants are better, but also heat is a factor to consider when adding more lights.

The more lights you add the more heat your gunna add so i would stick with a 250 watt kit. Plus in addition if taking up more space you wouldn’t be able to add additional ventilation if that needed to happen


I think you are right! Thanks alot for these advice !


My pleasure happy growings :slight_smile:


sounds like a good set up @Blasting


I would start with just the LED for you first run. Get a grow under you belt first. Your techniques and timing are more important to learn first. I have a 6 x 4 x 7 tent.