2x4 vs 3x3...... IDK

Okay, I’m needing a new tent,
I grow on a small scale, I’m trying to decide between the 2 tents, what I’m worried about is not being able to have enough lights for a 3x3, TILL my new 230watt board comes in “thanks liljoe for the help finding new lights” I figured growing 2 or 3 plants with decent lighting in a 2x4 would be better then growing smaller plants in a 3x3… Sooooo some 1 talk me into a tent size… Bigger is better but quality over quantity…

I have 2 3x3 tents, I never wished I had a smaller tent. 8 sq ft vs 9 sq ft is not a big difference but I find a 3x3 can easily grow 4 good size plants where a 2x4 is better for 2 or 3 plants. You can always add more lighting later. I just put a hlg 550 rspec in my flowering 3x3.


Good point sir, 1 question would the quality of growing say 3 plants in a 3x3 be much different then growing in a 2x4?

No, would be the same, just have more space for things like fans, humidifier, dehumidifier, etc…

OK, saved best reason for last, the 3x3 are 6 feet tall, the 4x2 are usually 5 feet tall. That extra foot of height is a huge benefit. When you take away a foot for pot size, a foot above the light for hang space and the distance needed between light and plants, that extra foot of height will be sorely missed if you don’t have it.

Both tents I was looking at was 6ft tall so I want worried about thst, I was trying to think of the pros and cons of each

No biggie then, whatever works better in the space you are putting it.

@Ryansway I’m with @Hellraiser on the 3x3. For me, its size and shape was determined by its physical location. I also wanted one that was tall. That led to Gorilla tents. I am not promoting the brand but I am glad it is 7’. Also the geometry of a square space is much more efficient than a rectangle FWIW

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Beardless, do you use a model number or a pic, and the tent would be going into a right corner, of a shed, sooo either or would work, and I belive I’m seeing the pros now, extra room for humidifier, fans etc, and you won’t get that with a 2x4

I have a 3x3 in my shed right now actually. I contemplated getting a 2x4 but now that i see it with plants in it, im more than grateful i went with that extra space. Hope all goes well!

this is from hydrobuilder image
I will admit they are more expensive but the fabric is heavy and especially the zippers are strong. Which, given the amount of use is very important. The location and number of access points and sleeves are well thought out and well made. I have a large 6" max fan and a fairly heavy light hanging from it and the heavier frame support them w/out issue. Good grief - they should hire me. To be honest, I have nothing to compare it to but am happy with it. It sits in the corner of a 8x14 conditioned space I once used as my workshop for projects. I am thinking about removing the large work bench and cabinets so I put another in there.

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You get a footprint of 3x4 and go perpetual. 2in1 tent. Just a thought. It’s a 3x3 on one side, 3x1 on the veg side.
If I were to reduce my footprint to the smallest possible this would be the way I would do it.
Right now the 3x3 feeds my 4x4.
CoolGrows Upgraded 2-in-1… Amazon.com


Holy hell that’s alot of light in a 3x3 haha common sense says you keep it dimmed down all the way


Yes, it’s a ridiculous amount of light for a 3x3, but I’ve always been an overkill kind of guy, the coverage is freaking amazing, I have it dimmed to about 360 watts after a day at 250 watts to get the plants acclimated to it.


I vote for a 4x4. Because you will want to upgrade later on. I need another tent. :crazy_face:

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I second going for 3x3 over 2x4. Extra square foot could be extra 50-60 grams easily in the right hands. Way easier to get a good light for 3x3 too.


This is almost a certain. I went from one 2×4 to two to one 4×4 to two 3 grows. As I type I’m waiting on a 4×8


I wish I had the space for another tent or the 4x8 tent. But its a small room. Lucky you…:+1::+1::+1:

I’d have no use for a 8x4 tent unless I got “back in da business”, I can only smoke like a 1/4 of what I grow in a 3x3 and give away the rest as it is.


Yes I’m fortunate to own my home and I have the garage as my man cave so I have plenty of space. It’s not like I really need a bigger tent for yields but more for room for dehumidifiers, air conditioner and fans. I hate packed tents. My plan is to veg 1 or 2 photo mothers and clones and grow 2 autos in the big tent. Will keep a 4×4 up for photo flowering.