2x4 lighting help

I have a vivosun 2x4x60 grow tent with" 2 4ft 5000k 40watt shop lights and 4 24in 12watt grow light in each corner. Is this sufficient enough or should I upgrade? Last picture is of northern lights auto from ILGM from the setup pictured and listed above. Thank you.

You could do much better, get denser buds and better yields with a light like a HLG 260 R spec.


For a 2x4 tent you want the HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) 260 XL. (XL = eXtra Long)


If you want weight, you will need to break the bank. HLG 260xl rspec is what you want for a 2x4 tent. :+1:

Cola the size of a volleyball. Just saying…:+1:


BINGO!!!take a hint.

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