2x4 CBD auto cheese grow

Location: Alberta Canada (Legal Yay!)
Setup: 2x4x6.5 closet tent, 6" exhaust fan with carbon filter circulating room air in office with window cracked to help control Temps & provide fresh air.
Lights for veg: 2x 200w 6400k full spectrum CFL
Lights for flower: HLG V2 320xl (pending order)
Medium: Soil, Fox Farms Happy frog
Container: 5 Gallon smart pots.
Nutrients: Chem Gro 4-20 dry mix!! (exciting!)
Seeds: 2 Crop King seeds CBD auto cheese
80% Indica, 20% Sativa
Effect: Calming, Relaxing Medical
THC%: 8%
CBD: 8%

After 24 days up in the north pole (okay not quite but close) I get 5 days at home and am going to be rushing to start my next grow before I get my new roommate take the reigns under my guidance, she’s a student and I’ve offered her cheap rent so I’m not a slave driver lol.

So here is the plan in detail, please chime in with anything you think I’ve missed as a detailed pre planning makes a world of difference.

24hr soak in distilled water
I prefer to germinate my seeds in jiffy pucks, I pour boiling water on the 2 pucks and let them cool to just being warm then place the seeds in them before covering the lid of the jiffy germinating greenhouse.
Place in a warm dark/dim spot until it sprouts
Then will move to tent and 1 cfl will be turned on.
Before plants hit the top of the dome they will be transfered into forever homes (5 gallon pots).
smart pots will have equivalent of a solo cup center spot worth of seeding soil for plant to get started in with remainder of pot filled with with happy frog & 30% perlite (as autos like airy soil) mixed with some Endo Mycorrhizal and finally topped with Damascus earth to avoid knats, of course giving a little drink after transplant.
Clear homemade domes will Be used until they out grow them as my humidity is 20% before humidifier usage.
Once transplant I will be putting up yellow gnat stickies as a preventive measure because they tried to attack my last grow but I got them super early.
The plan is to try and grow these autos through the veg state on the happy frog and let them get situated before giving them nutes for the flowering period.
This will be my first time using the Chem Gro mix and thus I’ll be doing some pre mix and trials to make sure I have it figured out myself prior to coaching my roommate via texts lol.

Thanks to @spyonyou I’ll be re working my tent after a trip to my local hardware store because I love his Drainage and scog system so much. Spy can you tell me what type of boards you used as I notice you have a nice height in order to pull your pans out and it’s more than flipping a 2x4 on its side trying to think of the easiest idea as I don’t have tools currently.

As soon as I get home tomorrow afternoon I will be going to the grow store for some happy frog as I only have ocean forest right now and the hardware store for tent materials.
Unfortunately i don’t have a exterior vent to exhaust to in the winter and pull from in the summer, my plan is to cut 4" vent that I have yet to install but it’s really cold here and it’s an extra cost so I’m going to delay doing that until spring because I also have to access my neighbours yard to do it :roll_eyes:. Something I want to not rush and take my time do it right due to weather concerns.


@Nicky Sounds like you have everything under control. Sound like it will work out fine.

Here’s how I did it. I bought the pans first and then cut the boards to fit.
I had a a kreg jig set to attach boards. Nails or screw will work.
I also had an air staple gun. Again, nails or screws will work.
The screen that the plants sit on, I had that as well. It can be bought at Lowes or Homedepot
All made out of 3/4 sanded plywood
Tin pans are just turkey pans from the grocery store. Lots of different sizes so that may need to be consider.

Measure twice cut once and assemble.

I put a riser in the back to tilt the pans. (CAUTION) Bending the tin too much will cause pin hole in the tin. Words of wisdom speaking here…lol :joy::joy: Makes a mess. I did that drying the pans too rough. After all, they’re thinner than coke cans.

BTW, this is @Budbrother idea. I owe thanks to him. Of coarse, I think he already knows how much I appreciate him along with so many others. Good luck with everything. I’ll be watching.
Hope you know if you ever need anything, you can always tag up to ten people you know and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the reply spy!
Yeah it wouldn’t let me edit, ugh I’ll tag in this post.

Okay so it’s plywood that you have cut ahh that’s how you got the height, yeah if I had the tools I would do that but I think I’m going to go to home depot/ Lowe’s and see what I can work out, great idea on giving them an angle (and yes I have seen you give bud brother credit, just didn’t recall his tag)

Still debating if I should split the 5gallon bucket with some ocean forest on the bottom.

@PurpNGold74 @Sutton @MattyBear @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62 @WickedAle
@SlowOldGuy @Sixpackdad @Seeddog @Familyman


It’s a very common practice to let the plant reach into the hotter soil and it’s pretty effective.


Any idea of the ratio? How many inches of ocean forest on the bottom let’s say?


2/3 FFOF would work I think.


Great start. Switched to watch.

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You might could also use3/4 or 1” pvc, cut and glue. Then you could screw the wire that your plants sit on to the pvc.


Thanks for the tag. Anything specific I can add or help with at the moment? :wink:


Yeah I thought about this as well and it’s my backup plan if home depot or lows won’t cut the wood for me ill buy pvc and a hacksaw lol.
Figured ide just screw into the wood though.
@MattyBear nothing just yet I don’t think.


Cool, just checking :wink: Holler if you need anything :v::bear:


old metal oven, grill, and refrigerator racks work good also,

i pull my plants out to water,
put em on a white wire fridge rack over a container,
u could put a brick or short pot under the corners and put pans underneath.!


Oh that’s definitely the way to go if you can find em.
Got plastic gardening fence as the fence spy had was 70$ at home repo lol and I really didn’t need such a big roll. Going to get to work on the setup tonight. Home repo did cut my boards though!

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check the scrap yard or appliance repair center,
the appliance guy might have some racks around back for free.!

if u see a bbq grill on the side of the road, grab the racks outta it.!!


Got it but need to thread the rest of the bamboo because otherwise it’s uneven and sags that will be tomorrow night.
I’m waiting on the store to open Monday so I can get some pots and I need a new fan, my towr fan died so going clip style.

Also got back from visiting the friend 2hr away… They had a really good germination rate of females that they weren’t expecting so I got given 2plants before I remembered that I had dropped 2 seeds… Also he made me take my other 2 back yikes this turned upside down quick.

HLG 320xl is ordered.

The old auto cheese is waiting for me to check it with a new microscope tomorrow, the two new are brewing in their little dome.

This other aspect of the grow I’ll try to avoid talking about in this journal


There you go! Awesome job! Looks great! So glad for you! :+1: :sunglasses:


Okay so seeds are just popping, gave them some water last night they are currently getting 12/12 due to having to finish the other grow going on here while I wait for the HLG lighting to arrive and be set up (the 1st of March they expect)
Thinking of where to hang the one of the CFL’s outside the tent to give it more lighting while the tent stays on a 12/12 with the HLG board to finish these other ones… Receiving plants just as I dropped seeds definitely throwing my plan for a loop.
As you can see I prepped 2 5 gallon buckets with the FFHP/FFOF/Perlite/ Damascus earth mix so plugs will just go in the pots once ready.
Skipping the solo cup because autos are so easily stunted and my roommate will be doing the transplant so this is more fool proof.


If they are autos, I’d just keep them in the 12/12 tent. My 12/12 from seed grow did great (slow, but not because of the lighting). Got a 1lb yield out of 2 plants.


I might just do that because trying to solve this problem is being a big hassle to be honest, I never intended to start grows at different times and I don’t want to make my house stink thus annoying my new roommate.

I think that’s the new plan.

@dbrn32 when the board arrives and my buddy hands it should I just push a space as side for the two autos and keep one or two of my 6400k CFL’s running below the scrog to give the autos some veg light while the other benifit from the HLG (that will of course be hung higher thus fairly far away from the autos once they are in pots in the next 5 days or so)

Is there a particular reason you don’t want to just run them all under new light?

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