2x4 Blue Dream Grow Journal

Figured I would just start a journal instead of spamming questions every where.
I’ve got 2xBlue Dreams going in a 2x4 under 2 old Mars II 400s which one spazzed out and the bloom doesn’t work now.
Hopefully I’ll be ordering a HLG 260 XL next week.
Im using the fox farm trio at half recommendation with cal mag and voodoo juice in promix HP
Ph bounces around 5.7 to 6.0
lights on 24hrs
Feeding them every other day.

Here is at week 6

Here after I did the the schwazzing on the poor girl

Here at week 8

She’s in major need of a trim for sure. The way i understand schwazzing is you do it every 3wks so that leaves me with 1 wk until its next buzz cut.


@yoshi any advice?

@Dave first day you flip the light schedule and day 21 from the flip is your next schwazzy trim .

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They are autos,1 more week will be week 9 if thats the correct time?
Week 3,6,9 and 12 right?

Not on autos, I’m grow photos right now.

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I gotcha,thanks for helping me. I have super lemon haze for my next grow. I’ll be doing the same with them aswell.