2x4 ac infinity grow system, too many plants, what do I do?

I have a 2x4 AC Infinity grow system. It is advertised as a two plant kit.

For some reason I didn’t think my seeds would take and sprouted 3 grand daddy purple autoflower and 3 white widow autoflower. 5 out of six look like healthy seedlings, one has a lime colored spot on the first leaves, no idea if it’s going to make it.

How many do you think I can realistically fit into the 2x4 tent? It’s advertised for two plants but I’m using autoflower seeds, does that change anything?

The only place I can put whatever plants don’t fit into the tent is in my spare bathroom, I could buy a light board to grow them and I could perhaps re-use it in the tent later. I don’t plan on growing more than the tent can hold in the future.

I’d appreciate any advice.

Ps. I suppose I could let them die or struggle on near a window but it kills me to let them go.


You can flower 2 plants in a 2x4.


You can try 3. This was a 1LB+ tent when finished, but the 3rd plant on the right hardly produced by comparison to the 2 on the left. and if I remember right that was my favorite… should of only ran 2 like I normally would.

Killing plants is part of the game. Lol. Specially if you ever get into reg seeds.


Put the extras outside


Ill adopt!


Three is about all I can manage in my 2x4.

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I do 4 autos in my 2x4. 3 gallon pots