2x2x5 Skunk problems

Ur welcome

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Personally i like my nodes tight as possible , gives it more stability after they stretch like crazy , you can tell i max out light as soon as possible by how bushy they got exceptthe bloody skunk but sweet seeds have weird genetics( 2.5-3.5 week olds)


@GreenSnek are your babies photo or autos? Im growing photos.
Thank you for your input

Autos but veg growth is still veg growth regardless

Im having a bit of a problem with new growth coming through strong then yellowing. I ve just upped my nutrients and cal mag this time to see if there will be a change.
Any advice please?

New growth showing signs of yellowing ever so slightly. Hopefully new nutrients ratio (ppm) should hold this back.
Still 5.5ph

Usually an indicator of nitrogen deficiency :love_you_gesture:

@OGIncognito thanks Man. I upped the nutes a bit and it went horrible on me. So i flush out twice over two days to reset and back into it with half of original nutes.
Growing in coco, but i was never watering for any run off. Maybe i should be?
I TDS and PH the flush run off and was getting a 7ph a d 1.1 EC.
Its my first indoor and second ever grow.

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Good deal on growing in coco. I’ve grown in soil a few times and came back to coco for the control and ease with near zero issues once you get it dialed in. Your EC is perfect for this plants age, that puts you around 550-600 PPMs, the PH is considerably high. The great thing about coco is there’s no dry cycle so correcting issues can be done with mixed nutrients versus water only for soil. I run 800-900 in veg and 1000-1100 in flower and feed daily and always to liberal (20%) of run off. Doing this will prevent root/nutrient lock out issues from unused salts and minerals from the previous feedings. Basically you’re giving them fresh new nutrients daily. I would feed at 600 PPMs (1.2 EC) and PH that to 5.4 and feed her to the run off, let a cup run out then catch a sample and test that to see if your PH is going down. What nutrients are you using :love_you_gesture:

@OGIncognito Thanks Man. These are my nutes

I have tap water at 6.5ph and .1 EC i have access to rain water at 7.5ph and doesn’t register for EC.
Basically every water i had been 5.5-5.8ph and 1.1 EC. But i never run off.

I did another flush with 5.5ph 1.1ec. Run off was 6.0ph 0.7ec.
Here is Cyril now.

And the wounds from earlier this week

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Excellent on the PH, time to start feeding. Follow your feed schedule, I’m not familiar with the line you’re using. I would mix a practice run at 1/2 strength in a gallon of your tap which looks great by the way. Mix it and check your PPMs and PH. Looking for around 800 PPMS and a PH of 5.8. Feed to run off and test the numbers. Doing well Growmie :love_you_gesture:

@OGIncognito Thanks again Man
Feeding at 1.1 EC 5.8PH
Measured run off at 0.6EC 6.2PH.
Changed my set up a bit so i can water to run off and be able to collect a sample after some has already passed to a tray. Makes measuring and tuning in so much easier Man.
Thanks again Bro

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Excellent DIY catch tray, nicely done :love_you_gesture:

Remember coco is inert as in in free of nutrients and need nutrients daily. At the plants age I would be shooting for a range of 1.7-1.8 which basically equates to around 700-800 PPMs or parts per million and the PH is at the top of the range for coco. Coco PH of 5.8-6.2 is a great range for the plants roots to absorb all the macro and micro nutrients. Go in with a lower PH with the nutrient strength of 1.7 EC :love_you_gesture: