2x2x4 too much light?

I just upgraded my 300w (135tw)blurp led to a 600w (234tw) white light led, and im using both in my small 2x2 tent.
My 300w is 18-19in from top of canopy and the 600w is 21-22in above.
Only been a few days with both light on.

Is there a way to hurt my pants with too much? Light?


Yes you can have too much light and your plants will let you know if it’s too much by light bleaching or fan leaves will taco and fold inwards


that is too much light, 92 wpsf, u r wasting a lot,
delete the β€˜300w’ and just use the β€˜600w’ light.!!
234w / 4 sq ft = 58 wpsf, just right for that light.!
u may have to drop it down, 12-18" above the plant tops.


Your to far away to burn your plants just keep an eye once they start Getting taller

Your 600W led is enough for your 2’x2’ grow size, I am using MarsproII1600led, 46W/SF, I felt it is very powerful for my plants

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Ok, cool. Ima cut the 300w off.
And thanks, everyone the replyed. I do appreciate it. :smiley: