2x2x4 grow will be moveing in 2x4 later

If it’s just a few of the lower leaves I would not worry about it


Are you still giving them any Nitrogen?

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@dirtydave @Caligurl
I feed almost 2 half weekago
I stoped useing the nitrogen bottle.
It just the mid leavs just a few the tops are fine i feed a heavy phosphorus feeding with seaweed. And i top dressed with fox farms fruit and bloom.
They are really starting to bulkin up
I am at day 39 of flower 5 and half weeks.


They still need nitrogen I. Flower… just not nearly as much as in veg.

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@Caligurl i gave them kne last feeding 4 days ago and it gave nitrogen and phosphorus from 3 part series flora.

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Most of those fall colors are normal… they will turn and eventually die. It’s the super yellow ones (in the first pics) on the bottom leaves that indicate N deficiency