2x2, HLG 100 v2 4k, (2) Alpha Wave Auto-Fems

I would ditch the bottle. It will only slow you down now. My domes come off at day 2 or 3. The plant will look like it struggles for a day as it adjust. But the growth comes much faster than leaving a dome on to long. Yours looks great there. I am not sure if your tips are telling you she is hungry or maybe they were just touching the side of your dome. @Covertgrower, @Myfriendis410


What’s the relative humidity in your tent when you do that?

50 - 55% Unless I am under 50%. I don’t sweat it. These are tough little things. A dome to long has hurt me by almost stopping growth. It comes on really slow. This is one I left the dome on for to long. it is 3 weeks old. I was worried I needed it since my humidity was super low. She grow out of it but ended up small.

This is her at 4 weeks old. I had her domed because she would look like she was not happy when I removed it.

I finally said screw it. It can deal with it or die. Here she is a week later


@Not2SureYet @KeystoneCops

Jasmine, the plant sprouted was never under a dome.

The other, Annabelle-2 just got a dome today. She hasn’t sprouted yet, from the soil to daylight anyway.

Humidity is 42% - 66%
Temperature is 64% - 77%

Lights are 18/6


Well, Jasmine is progressing as can be seen.

Annabelle-2 is still hiding down real low…she doesn’t look visibly dead at the surface so… :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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As always, looking for all input :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:w
I really have no clue what I’m doing on this, but I’m hoping for some beautiful plants and many more in the future.

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so I have the same HLG 100 and your saying the 135 would be better i what if I skipped that and went to the 260 And if I wanted to add a 3rd plant… would the 135 still be good

The grow space is 32"x32"x63"


Jasmin is looking good I guess, she’s maybe? been FIM’d. I tried, we’ll see what happens. Her stalk has shedding I guess, or serious discoloration. She’s growing with a nice bend from the early leaning over.

Annabelle-2 shriveled up as well. Dumped the pit remixed some soil and germinated another seed in paper towel/Tupperware. Put this one root down in mykos and potting soil layer with a sprayed dome. We will see I guess.

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That’s what Jasmin is looking like I leaned her early. Any suggestions on how I should proceed for productive LST?

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She looks good. My thoughts would be to either turn your lights down a little. or raise them for a bit. Her node spaces are super tight. if you stretch her out a little. It will be much easier to train when she is ready.

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You did a FIM? I don’t see it in those photos not the best angles though for viewing a FIM on my end.
Your soil looks dry, so many wood chips yikes.

@Not2SureYet has a good point if you want to stretch it pull the lights up, I prefer to keep my lights dialed up but pull them farther away try that first if it doesn’t give you enough stretch you can dail them back a bit.
LST is an art, just grab some stuff and spread her out. You may have to adjust it every day or once every couple days it’s totally dependent on many factors.
She looks healthy though!