2x2 grow journal / HLG QB 135w v2 / Sundae Driver + Rocky Dennis


Next round in the flower tent. 8 Sundae drivers @ 12" tall in 1 gal plastic pots. They went a little too long in the Solo cups and got a little deficient. Transplanted on Weds. Going to give them 3 more daya of 18/6 in the flower tent to ease transition, and then flip them.

Veg tent has 2 Sundaes and a Rocky left that will be baby mamas. I dont know if I will keep them around forever but didnt want to lose the genetics on either until I have tried the first harvest. Was thinking Sundae was my girl but Rocky was a heavier producer and the plant structure is way better. If I can manage to keep the height under control during the stretch I might do all Rocky next time (oh yeah, i can fit a 4x4 grid of these square 6" pots so will prob do a shorter veg and try to do 16 next time).

I love growing marijuana :wink:


Forgot to post this one earlier


Thurs 3/14. Lights go off to start next flower cycle at 8am tomorrow. Decided to flip around my on/off schedule this time so i have more time in the evenings to take care of them.

8 Sundae drivers in 1 gal 6x6x8" square plastic pots. They are 12" tall now.

Been hand watering w the flora caps in place for now. Have a drip system I am going to work on this weekend.


Final update in this thread… Sorry for lack of posts, got busy w the fam and work.

I did final trim and jarred everything up this Weds 3/20.

Rocky was the clear winner. 38g of nice solid buds, 41g of popcorn and trim for hash. Tastes amazing and has a super nice high.

Sundae turned out to be a disappointment. Think maybe the pheno I got just looked pretty. 36g of more airy buds, @50g of popcorn and trim. Most of it hermied at the end ;( Needs to cure a lot more. Smokes like meh at the moment. Havent even finished a spliff to judge potency.

Pretty much what I was expecting my first go round with this setup, minus how the Sundae turned out.

That said, im mulching the 8 Sundaes I have in flower and all 21 Sundae clones I had going for the next round.
Gonna spend the weekend cleaning, figure out my drip system, and gonna start over next weekend taking clones from the 1 Rocky veg plant I kept.

Been a fun learning experience w everyone here. Definitely love these QB lights, and will be back soon with another journal - growing lots of organic high grade in a tiny space using the least wattage possible :wink:


Total bummer, keep the positive attitude though. You’re setup well and right around the corner from hitting one out of the park.


It’s a learning process and this will only help you in the future. Glad you’re liking growing and the QBs! Tag me into the next journal :v: