2x2 grow journal / HLG QB 135w v2 / Sundae Driver + Rocky Dennis


Sat 2/23

Individual plant shots and more close ups.

Question though about some of the dying fan leaves on the Sundae @MattyBear @dbrn32.

I know some of that is to be expected but a couple of them got a little funky and then kinda died and curled up. I am kind of feeling like they are looking over watered after a big feeding. And thise tips might be a result of that. I have been watering and getting a good runoff. Not 20% but enought that i figured the entire pot was saturated. But the more I think about it, I think the lack of adding perlite to my mix means its a soggy mess for a few days until it dries out again. I watered a little less this time just enough to see that water was starting to drip out, then I stopped.

Am I on the right track? (This is also making me more confident that I wanna do smaller pots w more perlite next time so I can have a more consistent wet/dry cycle.)

Also what should I do about those leaves? My feeling is I should trim them but I dont want to stress the plant any more than needed.

Sundae Driver runt in 2 gallon

Rocky Dennis


That just looks like natural progression IMO and the plant is almost finished. I’d stop feeding and ripen or flush :v::bear:


Sweet! And if this is one of the 52 day phenos im going to be pretty excited :wink:


That would be dope! My Black Dog was supposed to be a 49 day flower strain. It went 10 weeks haha


The seed packs for the Sundae says 52-63. I saw a few ppl posting online saying it was done in 52-54. I cant get ahold of the guy I got the clone from to find out how long this pheno took.


I just found an amazing website for the wire shelves and metal posts. Its not on Amazon but the prices are significantly cheaper even without free shipping.

I decided to hang tight with changing the internal poles. I doubt im gonna change the shelf height very often and what I have now works fine.

However I did order two black 24x30 wire shelves, 4 black poles, and wheels with casters.
This will let me make everything a bit more stable, give me the ability to move the whole thing to clean, and most importantly, put my veg on the bottom. This way I dont have to get out a chair or step stool to take care of the veg tent.

The idea is that the bottom shelf will sit right at the bottom of the poles. The veg tent is 36" tall so i will put the 2nd shelf at like 38" so i have a little clearance. Then the flower tent will sit on top. I have to crouch down now to take care of the flowering tent anyway. This puts both sets of plants at a reasonable height.

Updates when I get everything.

Next up is to come up with a plan for drying. Thinking of building a little cedar box with my little ac infinity airline fan, and have passive intake holes drilled, but then a sliding panel that lets me cover some of them up. This way I can dial in the humidity, and raise or lower it by turning up the fan and opening more vent holes. Dont have a lot of space for this. Thinking it will sit under my desk next to my subwoofer. Oh yeah i was going to add little shelf slats to slide in baking cooling racks, and then have the buds clothespinned from above so they can hang upside down.

Approx size 18" W x 24" L x 30" tall. Any other suggestions appreciated.

Oh yeah ps @MattyBear whats the rules with posting to other sites? I understand its so that it will help the site and it will make a small commision, but these prices are crazy. For instance shelves were $15 instead of $30, and poles $4 instead of $15.


Screenshot the product. Most can connect dots from there.


Cool i thought about that but figured that was still bending the rules. I will just mention that the brand name you want is Regency. I will leave it up to google to provide the cheapest price.


That works too


Fri March 1, F47


Got a loupe but my hands are not steady enough to see the trichs clearly. I think im seeing mostly clear tho. A few look cloudy but I cant tell. I took a few photos with a combo of the loupe and my phone. Lmk what u think @MattyBear @dbrn32


There’s a lot of clear, but I can see a few amber here and there. You’re getting pretty close.


Cool I want to pull it before most of them are amber. Was shooting for 50% opaque. I think i’ll probably let them go til Wednesday which will be 52 days. But super excited I got a nice short pheno for the Sundae!


Ideally all trichs would be cloudy for most potency. Since the plant is always creating more it’s not uncommon for some to fade while some are clear or unripe. Don’t be afraid of a few amber is more or less what I’m suggesting. If you have to let a little more go amber to get the majority of the trichs cloudy would be preferred by most. If you start getting to 15-20% amber then you can rush her along, but that’s like 1 of every 5 or 6. You’re nowhere near that right now. I would be patient for now.


Cool thanks. The Sundae is the only one showing any amber too. The Rocky looks all clear to me, so that one will definitely take a little longer.


Good deal.


Wahoooo getting close I’m excited for ya!!!

Can’t wait to see the reap!


@Ilovereggae what did you use to take those pictures. I have tried three different methods and my photos get pixelated when a zoom.


Hey @Bubblehead

I got one of these loupes and held it over my phone camera and zoomed to 4x. I have a Galaxy S9 so that might be part of why it worked. Definitely took some experiments and 4 hands total to make it work. I need to get a tripod and I think I can do better.

Happy Hydro LED Loupe 30x & 60x Magnifying Lens - Includes Batteries & Carrying Case https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M8MDTAN


Sat 3/5 F55

Sundae was 20% amber mostly opaque and falling over

Rocky only just starting to show amber 50/50 clear and opaque

Wet final weights:
Rocky Dennis 3 gallon fabric 270g
Sundae Drive 3 gallon fabric 120g
Sundae Driver 2 gallon plastic 105g

Total 494g!!!

Not a bad first haul