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Grind the center out to fit pole


just drill a hole in the poll and pass a bolt thru.

Wait. Whats ur goal?

Ok i just went up and read again what you were trying to do


If you like the flexibility of the collar, the polls are probably metric tubing. You can probably find metric collars, but doubt it would be locally.

Drilling holes in the polls is a cheap fix, but they’re likely already pretty weak. I would see about maybe finding some black pipe couplings that slide over, and then drill and tap them.


I like the bolt idea. Nice and simple. Could drill like 3 or 4 holes in each pole an inch apart giving me a few height options. Those poles are thin though and not sure if it will affect structural integrity.


Ahh that makes sense. Probably metric for sure.

I agree about drilling them making them weaker.

I will look and try and find a coupling thanks for the idea.

Ideal design would be having the shelf hanging from cables that are adjustable by pulleys so i can adjust it with plants in place.

I think im gonna go ahead and build a frame so my tents have a little more structure. Eventually probably replace those poles with steel pipe.


That would work. You could probably even use those ratcheting light hangers. Not quite a pully, but easy to get and work in similar fashion.

Trip around home improvement store may provide something better than pipe coupling too. I was just trying to think of something that would have thick enough wall to tap and not strip easily.


Could you just cut a length of 3/4 pvc to the height you want and then slide over the poles? Or are you looking for adjustability during the grow cycle?


Good idea!! Also he could have several short lengths to combine to make an adjustable height. See? This collaboration and problem solving is what this site is all about!


Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

I did think about just using a piece of pvc to fill the gaps, the problem is that the 5/8 tent poles are not centered in the middle of the larger shelf circles. They both still have an outer measurement of 24", so the tent poles sit against the outer edge of the shelf holes if that makes sense. I can draw it if needed but I think you can see in the photos.

I think finding pipe couplings would be my best short term fix. I also need to just price out 1" metal pipe, it might be cheap enough to just build a new frame and then I can use the little inserts that came with the shelf.


Oh wait. Now I get it. I would use the PVC just like the locking collar. The shelf would rest on it. If I got PVC that is 1" OD and 3/4" ID this would work perfectly. And now I see what u mean by different lengths!

Boom done. Im going to hardware store on way home from work lol.


Nicely done


You could also just find a piece of pipe that fits and cut into 1” pieces and use zip ties to secure. Marking in like 3-6” increments on the poles and adjusting as necessary and no need to tear down when need to adjust.


Interesting. Im having a hard time visualizing your design. Could u sketch something?


I think what @Midwestnewbie is saying is I could just have a 2" section to use as the support, and then put a heavy duty zip tie aound the pole underneath it to lock it in place. Then when u want to adjust height u just bust the zip ties and move the shelf.

I like this idea bc u dont have to disassemble the tent to change the shelf height. Concern is if the zip ties slip and the shelf drops. But I think it can work.


I think zip ties would work maybe wrap a couple times with electrical tape as to not slip. Just looking at it from not having to completely dismantle the tent every time it needs adjusted. Hope this helps good luck :four_leaf_clover:


could you cut sections of pvc into 1-2inch pieces and cut a slit in the side so they can be popped on and off the tent pole. Would they be strong enough that way?


Im liking this idea more and more. I dont see why that wouldnt work. Might need to replace them once in a while if they crack but so what.


You could even tape them after they are in position…


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