2x2 grow journal / HLG QB 135w v2 / Sundae Driver + Rocky Dennis


They look good. That plant thats looking a little hungry, double check runoff ph to make sure nothing funky going on in your root zone. If all looks well there try upping amount calmag or your veg bottle for a feeding or two and see if that helps.


Cool I havent bothered with checking runoff PH yet, will do so tomorrow when I feed them.

Pretty sure like you said its just hungry. I meant to give it extra cal mag when I did straight water the other day. That one is just in the same FFOF pot from transplanting as a clone, while the others got repotted one more time into some FFHF and Bu’s Blend compost. Probably nothing left in there to eat. Just finished mixing nutes for tomorrow and made the batch for the runt a bit stronger.


Weds Feb 6th - F25

Sundae Driver closeups

Rocky Dennis

The next generation


Great job!


Thats what i need, clone army sog grow


Thats my plan for next round. 9 plants in the .85 gal Smart pots. Still in planning stages though. 1 step at a time.


I just love the solo cup stands you built, from what looks like tubs that comes from the dollar store of some kind?

Way kool Idea, thanks for the tip, I would like to use it.

BAM Rolling smoke!


Hah nice thanks @kw_Bat! They are just the large size plastic Ziploc storage bins from the supermarket. I cut 6 holes in the lids, and cut the sides out for air flow.

My intention was to keep the cups from falling over but also keep the bottoms off the “floor” so that when i water they arent sitting in puddles.

It also makes it way easier to move them around and take them out of tent for cleaning etc.


Saturday Feb 9th, F28

So today I did what I think I should have done last week. A pretty heavy defoliation of all 3 plants. Took any fan leaf that was shading lower buds. A lot of the flarf down below was getting choked out anyway. Been hesitant to do this so far, but after looking at them all back in the tent, I have no clue how they were fitting before lol.

Rocky Dennis 3 gallon

Sundae Driver 3 gallon

Sundae Driver 2 gallon aka The Runt

Everyone tucked back into bed for the night.

Veg tent progress. Day 12 since they went into solo cups in this tent. I originally had the light as high as it could go since this tent is only 3ft high, and the HLG 65w is not dimmable. They stretched a little more than I was hoping this last week, so this morning I dropped the light about 10 inches to 20" from the plants in hopes that they will bush out.this week instead.

Smartpots / fabric pots / air flow

Tues 2/12 F30

Sundae Driver throwing some pretty colors already


Oh, I like it! Moving right along they are. Nice!


Sat 2/16 - F34

Rocky is pumping out trichs on the sugar leaves.

Sundae Driver is changing colors but seeing some ugly leaves too. This plant did go a bit long without without water a few weeks back, and then i defoliated a bit too hard all at once last week. Im going to double check ph runoff tomorrow. Any other ideas?

Up close with Sundae Runt

Veg tent coming along nicely


Man they are looking good, clones as well!


Forgot to mention I made a few additions to my tents equipment.

I got one of these 24"x24" wire shelfs for each tent.

This gives me a nice flat stable surface that lets my fabric pots drain, but without being wobbly like the precariously balanced baking racks that I was using before were. It fits perfectly over the tent poles and fits inside the tent even when zipped up. It is made for much bigger poles though, so the clips it comes with don’t work.

Now I just need to figure out an easy way to raise/lower the shelf, which will then let me keep my light mounted at the full height all the time.

I also got a couple of new fans. My previous tiny USB fan straight up died and stopped working. Thankfully didn’t burn up.

Decided to go with Lasko fans, since everything else is brands I never heard of, and we also have a couple of floor fans from that brand that have lasted a long time, so hopefully these ones can stand up to being on in a grow room 24/7. I also decided I like the form factor of these fans better than spinning blades.

I got this one for the flower tent, but 2 issues with using it in there. 1 - it has a super bright led on the power/oscillate buttons. 2 - there was no simple way to hang it in the flower tent that made me feel safe. Its also pretty heavy. So I decided to put it into the veg tent instead in the corner, where it is currently doing a fine job making the babies strong.

This one was intended for the veg tent, but as noted above wound up in the flower tent. The clip it comes with is not super strong though, so I had to use some bungees to support the other end. Doing an ok job but not as good as the hurricane 6" i had in there before. Still have to play with it a bit might be able to mount differently and get better results.

I also ordered a (hopefully) really cool capacitive soil temperature/moisture sensor from a popular DIY electronics website (unsure of the posting rules since its not on Amazon). But the idea is that I will connect this to an Arduino Uno that I have sitting around, and this will give me realtime readout of my soil moisture reading, and text/email etc me when its time to water again. Eventually I want to try to automate watering using a drip system for both my veg and flower tents. But 1 step at a time.


Mon 2/18 F36

Playing w different camera settings for some closeups


Wahoooooo! @Ilovereggae Them babies are looking good! Great shots by the way!


Thanks @kw_Bat!


I second that looking good in there!


Im thinking i need this for my tent. Do u have a 24x24 tent?


Yes both of my tents are 24x24 models. If you scroll up this page there is a link to Amazon for them. Both tents im using are from Quictent. But tbh its the same green 5/8" poles and fabric so I feel like they all probably come from the same factory and then the brands are just marketing.

I thought i figured out the awesome solution to changing the height of the shelf since the poles for that one are 1". I found these locking collar shafts that the hardware store that lock in with an allen key. But the 5/8 diameter collar didnt fit on the pole. Like 2 mm difference but I couldnt even pound it on. Im gonna try to find 3/4" ones and see if that will work. For now just using cups as risers.