2x2 grow journal / HLG QB 135w v2 / Sundae Driver + Rocky Dennis


@Ilovereggae watered plants this morning and it looks like one is getting a little N deficiency. I will post a picture tonight and asking for verifification. I would not be surprised. During the feed this weekend they will be getting a good meal. With the ProMix pH level target is 5.8, I have been 5.7-5.9, I hope everything is working well. Plants are still too small to water to run off so I can check. :frowning:


Hey, havent done a Promix grow in a long time, but Im going to make a guess and say that since the Roots products are made for growing in their Roots Organics soil, you are probably going to have to up the feeding regimen.

Besides the above mentioned FFOF/HF and Bu’s blend, I also used Mycorrhizae when doing all my transplants.


Sun Jan 20th, Week 2, day 8 of flower.

Sundae driver Runt

Sundae Driver 1

Rocky Dennis

Everyone back home in the tent


I defoliated a little more before these photos. Do you guys think the canopy looks good or do i need to get rid of everything except the main branch on each arm? It is definitely tight in there but everything i left seems to be getting decent light and had beginnings of a bud site.

Fits like a jigsaw puzzle, but i manage to rotate the side of each plant so that they are getting equal time in the middle under the best part of the lights. Just not sure if im in for trouble if I dont thin things out a bit.

I feel like I probably should, but is even more reason im gonna try a bunch of smaller plants next time. Whats the point of vegging a bush if I have to chop half of it away?


I have a 2x2x6 feet grow box and grow just one plant with a scrog net. It will almost fill the box when done.


You’ll be alright. Once they get into each others business they try to naturally resist growing in that direction.


Last night update Weds Jan 24th, 10 days into flower

First clones of Rocky just starting to show roots


Oh, and this just got delivered too :wink: new 2x2x3 veg tent arrives tomorrow…


They are most defantly loving what ever you are doing, they are growing like weeds. :grinning:

So youe going to a smaller tent? 2x2x3, what kind did you go with, those sizes are not the easiest to find.

Looking sweet they do


Thanks @kw_Bat! Its the HLG qb + Roots Organics nutes + love + reggae music :wink:

Im keeping the 24x24x55 tent for flowering with a HLG 135w v2. Was happy with the Quictent brand I purchased so I got a 24x24x36 for veg and clones with a HLG 65w v2.

Both sizes are available here:

Realized that I can stack the smaller one on top of my current one and still have 6 in to the ceiling. Plus this way the veg clone tent will naturally be warmer.

Once the tent gets here i will decide whether to build a little stand/frame or if I can get by just using D ring straps into an S hook in the wall. Pics once im done setting it all up.


Nice! You’re going to be setup very well.


Hey thanks for the link! Not a bad price either!

How you like the tent so far? have you had a chance to set it up yet?



Thanks @dbrn32 and kw_Bat… Just finished cleaning up! Here’s todays update, 15th day of flower, and the new veg tent setup.

Was even easier than expected, didnt even bother with building a frame, they stack on top of each other nicely :wink: . And I like the flexibility of being able to move them easily to get at the ports etc.


They like what you are doing for sure!. They are moving right along~

was the runt in the last set of photos?


Thanks! The runt is currently in the top left corner (a little lighter green than the others). I boosted it up on a couple of saucers to try and level out the canopy.

Other observations I forgot to mention… The Rocky Dennis is definitely a faster grower all around, both in veg, flower, and first to pop roots in cloning. However its definitely more Sativa dom, and the spacing between nodes is wider, and the buds are a little smaller compared to the Sundae Driver. The Sundae is definitely slower to veg, but I am loving how tight and fast the buds are developing on this strain. It might be the better of the 2 due to its shorter overall height and tighter node spacing. Time will tell…


Looks great, nice that it worked out easily stackable too…


Very nice looking plants! :v::bear:


I didn’t know if it had pulled out of it or what, When I looked I could not see it in the mix anymore, thought I would ask.


All good. Its hard to tell whats what when I have them packed in like that. I will take some solo portraits next time I feed them… The runt is definitely not as big and is not quite as perfectly healthy looking as the other 2. I think bc it never got the 2nd repot w the FFHF/Bu’s Blend. I may need to give that one a stronger dose next time. All that said, its pumping out some pretty flowers so far, so fingers crossed…


Thurs Jan 31 - Flower day 19

Sundae Driver lookin lovely. Flowers on this strain are twice as big, and twice as many as the Rocky Dennis.

Sundae driver runt, still a little lighter green and having a few nutrient issues showing up. Overall production is way more than I ever expected :wink:

Rocky Dennis looking like a hedge lol. Front and side shots so u can see how its basically a 12x24" rectangle. I think i need to defoliate this one a bit to make some more light get thru to lower bud sites.

Veg tent w 2 day old transplants from clone. 11 out of 12 Sundae clones survived, and all 4 Rockys. Looking a little ruff atm, think going straight into FFOF might be a little too much but hopefully they perk up in a day or 2.