2x2 grow journal / HLG QB 135w v2 / Sundae Driver + Rocky Dennis


New Years Day…

The runt lives!

Sundae #1 looking a little off ;(

Rocky Dennis looking worse


Jan 5th

Getting a little crowded in here. Roots pack came in but I just watered the day before, so I just hit them with a foliar feeding of some Extreme Serene in the mornings…

Also forgot to mention earlier, i pulled a n00b move and was foliar feeding a few times earlier in the grow a few hrs before lights off, and I suspect some of the yellowing and leaf wilt is due to some leaves getting scorched.

However the Runt is now a front runner, and thoughts start going to fact that if the first 2 are too far gone i can always just veg this one into a monster and just flower 1 plant


Jan 8th, today.

They had one feeding of Roots Organics nutes in their watering on Sunday. Already the Sundae looks a lot better, and Rocky has a bunch of new growth coming in green(er). Still a little yellowish tho.


Sundae #1

Sundae runt looking amazing now


So now for my questions as to how to proceed.

Do I spend another week in veg getting everything super green, maybe just defoliate a bit/take clones and then flower all 3 plants? (Have been doing light defoliation just for the ugliest/yellowed/burnt leaves so far)… or am I too crowded already?

Do I stick the Rocky outside, and just veg the 2 Sundae Drivers since i will then have a nice even canopy?

Do I stick the 2 bigger plants outside and just veg the one Sundae driver runt?

Do I scrog this tent or have I done enough LST already? I kind of like being able to move them around a bit tbh.

I am concerned that I went too crazy with the LST on the bigger plants and worried they might hermie bc of that. Am in no rush so fine with just flowering the 1 plant if that is the best move.

Thanks in advance


@Ilovereggae did you decide to get a carbon filter for that 24x24x56 tent?

How is the size of that tent working out? not necessarily how many plants you got in it, but rather how the pros and cons on what you have ran into with it over all.

I have to use the same size as well.

thanks for the input


Hi @kw_Bat! The tent is great for me size wise. I feel like the QB LED is what makes it work since it barely raises the temps more than 2 or 3 degrees. I didn’t worry about a carbon filter, or big exhaust or anything. Currently using a 6" Hurricane clip fan zip tied to my top port hole. A small USB fan in the bottom of the tent, and passive air flaps opened and airflow seems good.

I do think this is my last LST experiment though. I am planning on getting a 2x2x3 and an HLG 65w QB to use as a clone/veg tent. I was able to rearrange some more furniture and can squeeze that into my office space too. I am going to shoot to do 3 plants in 1/2 gallon pots every 3 weeks, and just give them a week(ish) of veg before going into the flower tent. That’s my thought for now anyway, but need to finish out the current grow first.

@MattyBear appreciate all the love on my photos… Do you have any suggestions on my next move? Should I just keep all 3 plants and flip the lights now? Or just keep the most healthy Sundae Driver? Also should I worry about putting up a scrog screen or do I have enough going on with the LST I did?


I wouldn’t Scrog different strains… that being said, I have done it before. Biggest draw back to having more than one plant under the screen is that not every plant will be ready at the same time and untangling the branches would be a nightmare. I would personally keep them all and flip now and continuously train via LST until they are done stretching, trying to maintain a level canopy. Shape them so they all will fit and have fun! :wink::v::bear:


Thanks for the feedback! Think I am going to feed them some Buddha Grow one more time tomorrow, then flip the lights on Saturday once I have time to do a little defoliation and bend a few of the bigger branches. Will try to stay more consistent with updates going forward. Peace!


Saturday Jan 12 update

Reoganized my grow space and office. Couldnt take sitting on the floor so i put my tent on a desk. This way I can sit on a stool, and also unzip 2 sides now.

Took some clones off the bigger Sundae and the Rocky. Some more light defoliation to get better airflow down low.

Last but not least, today starts day 1 of flower…


Tues Jan 15 update

Got my AC Infinity Cloudline T4 exhaust installed, and 3 days in every one is happy.

@dbrn32 the good news is this fan is as close to silent as I can hope for, at least on speeds 1-6.

Downside is the Humidity reading of 42% even after calibrating is way off from my SensorPush at 63%. Which means i was either fine before, and the SensorPush is wrong… or the AC Infinity is wrong and the whole point of using this to lower humidity via controller wont work, or at least I will have to manually dial it in… I guess I need to get a 3rd hygrometer to see which one is correct lol.


Update, I am just dumb. There was a rubber cap on the end of the probe that I forgot to remove. Doh


Update a few hrs later, after coming to a shocking realization. Doesnt matter how much airflow I add, humidity isnt going to change much below whatever the RH is in the room the tent is in. Air intake is near a window which probably makes it closer to outside.

RH in my tent hovers around 62% which is what it has been outside recently. Raises to about 70% when i feed them.

Happy that I bought the fan, super quiet and seems like a good investment overall… but thinking I should have purchased a dehumidifier first, bc my temps were already fine

Since I just started flower, I need to get it down to 45% esp since I have it packed so tight in there. Planning on doing some more defoliation tonight but I think I probably need a dehumidifier at least for next few months.

Since I can’t fit one on the floor of my tent, is it possible to attach a dehumidifier to the output of my exhaust fan? Is dropping RH by 20% even doable? Please advise @MattyBear @dbrn32



I have the 6" waiting on my tent to show up, do you like it?


So far so good. Works as advertised. If i set the speed manually to anything above 6 my tent is about to implode. But 6 is still quiter than my old fan. Currently have it steady on 4 and its pretty much silent. And its balanced on top of the window blind valance and not attached to anything yet. Prob gonna just mount it on the wall to keep it out if sight.


Just get dehumidifier for room and control it if you can. Larger unit costs a little more, but it’s one and done usually.


That Root Organics sure put a punch in their step after you added that to the mix. Could it be there was some type of deficiency in the nutrients before you added the Root Organics?

It appeared maybe you was having a little tough of a time with them at first, once you hit them with the ROrganics, it took off.


@Ilovereggae What Roots Organic package are you using? This is my first grow and I’m using the 5ML package with ProMix. Still learning my way around. I am pretty confident that I under fed during this grow. Any advice you could give would be appreciated.


That was definitely the case. Prior to getting the Roots they were just getting water. Only nutes were from the FF and some Bu’s Blend compost mixed in when transplanting. Adding the Roots Organics made a huge difference!


I kept it simple and ordered their Player Pack which has 1 of everything. So at the moment am using the Buddha Grow, Budda Bloom, Trinity, Ancient Amber, Extreme Serene and HP2 which are all part of the Roots recommend feeding schedule. Also topped off with 1tsp/gallon their dry Elemental Cal mag. It seems these QB LEDs are hungry, and need some extra cal mag to keep things green.


@Bubbleheadanother another thing to keep in mind is that the Roots nutes when mixed bring the PH down to like 4.2. I’ve been just using a touch of Baking Soda to PH up to 6.2-6.5 right before I feed them. Seemed to help with the nutrient uptake.