2x2 grow journal / HLG QB 135w v2 / Sundae Driver + Rocky Dennis

Hi ILGM fam. I haven’t grown in years. Previous experience w some indoor HPS and outdoor growing. I live in LA and will be growing medically for both myself and my son.

A friend offered me a few Rocky Dennis clones he didn’t want, which kind of kickstarted my current journey. I started doing research on the latest in LED tech, and discovered quantum boards. Tent got here today, and the light gets here Thursday.

Found a clone delivery service that had Sundae Driver (which was my favorite strain this year). My buddy decided to get a couple Grape Pie, as well as a Grape Sorbet.

I just brought them home, set up the tent, and put them to bed for the night under a led desk lamp. They will get transplanted into FFOF soil tomorrow, and I will bring the Rocky Dennis home when I take my buddy his clones.

I will be going to the grow shop/amazon tomorrow Monday to pickup some supplies. Advice appreciated on a few items.

  • exhaust fan: is the 4" AC infinity enough to vent a 24x24x56" tent? I am not sure what to expect with heat output from the HLG 135w board. I know I need exhaust of some kind, to keep humidity in check, however I don’t need to worry about carbon filter. i definitely want it to be quiet as possible. is there any cheaper option that is still mostly silent? How much CFM will I need?

  • sensors for temperature (air and soil) / humidity / water ph - whats your favorite brand? is there anything cool that has bluetooth or wifi data logging / monitoring? saw some on amazon that looked interesting just not sure how reliable they are.

Here’s some pics of day one…

Sounds like you’re off to a great start with your choices. As for temp and humidity Accurite is great and makes some with a remote sensor that you can place in the tent and be able to see the readout from the base monitor. I haven’t looked for any with wifi. PH and Ppm meters if you don’t want to risk a bad one go for either Bluelab or Apera. I got the Apera P20. It’s great. I use a cheap ppm meter but plan to upgrade it soon.

you should be fine with a 4 inch 200 cfm inline fan with carbon filter in terms of temp control

do I need a carbon filter if I am not worried about smell?

no filter needed if u arent worried about smell.

well… the filter probably could help keep ur fan cleaner inside, but thats it

Please be aware: 6 mature plants will not fit in your small tent. Ok for now, but once you move to 3 gallon pots…they will not fit.
Not worried about smell? Dun need a charcoal filter.
Need inexpensive affordable exhaust…check the Amazon n Ebay listings.
got a 6’ fan, 12’ duct and a speed control for $40.
There strains that will grow slender with few side branches.

thanks @tanlover442 - yes not planning to flower all 6 of them. if you read my original post, I had picked up some clones for a friend over the weekend as well.

my plan is to veg 2 rocky / 2 sundae, and then pick the best of each one to flower. So only going to flower 2 plants at a time. the others will go to my friends to finish outdoors.

got them transplanted into cups this morning. looking great so far!

one additional question I do have - is anyone successfully doing an organic soil grow using QB/LED?

@MattyBear i saw that you were using NOTG - I checked their site, but wasn’t sure if all of their stuff is organic? is there a specific product from them that you used?

yes…read the whole post. tent is nice and good for early vegging. one healthy topped LST plant will fill the 2x2x56 tent. Two if slender profiles.
good luck

I used their whole line pretty much. I’ve since transitioned to GH maxi series because I run at least a dozen plants at a time and it just makes it easier using GH for me. Earth Juice and Botanicare are organic, pretty sure and I’d look there if you’re sure you wanna grow organically. It’s either that or make your own organic super soil, but that requires a lot of effort haha :v:

thank you! im going to try and do 2 just to have variety… going to stick with 1 gallon pots to keep things manageable. not getting my hopes up for a super yields the first couple runs, figure it will take time to get it all dialed in.

Thanks @MattyBear. I will take a look at those suggestions. This might be a dumb question but are the FF nutes worth considering?

If I went with NFTG, Gaia Mania is the only one that says organic in the description. Do you know if the rest of their line is organic? Also Gaia seems like its good during veg, what product u recommend during flower?

Been looking for grow journals of someone doing soil / organic nutes using an LED board. Yours is the only one I found. Seems like most ppl doing organic LED are using coco.

Still doing my research, I have a few days til the light gets here. Definitely don’t have the space, time or experience to be making my own soil or teas at the moment. So trying to figure out what off the shelf options there are.

Anybody else have suggestions for organics in a soil grow?

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NFTG is mostly organic. I’d consider it organic honestly. @Usmcjojo is the expert on that line of nutrients. I have used FF nutes and they are great! Nothing wrong with them at all. I still use the dry nutes and wouldn’t hesitate to use that line again in the future. I just like trying new things and will never settle until I’ve tried most of them and decide what I liked the best. :v:


Also, I’ve grown in coco, but now I’m pretty much all Promix HP. I treat it like coco because it is an inert soilless medium. Great if you like having total control of what your plants drink, which I love haha. Coco is the same way. Both great mediums IMO. :v:

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of updates, been busy at work, but have managed to take pics and document everything so far. Bear with me as i post a bunch of pics, showing my progress so that I can get your opinions of what I should do next…

So to start things off, here are some pics from 2 weeks later @ Dec 15th.

Gave my buddy the Grape Pies and Sorbet, and kept my 2 Sundaes and the Rocky Dennis. 1 of the Sundaes was a runt, so I stuck that in a 2 gallon pot with the intention of sticking it outside to finish. The other Sundae and Rocky are in 1 gallon pots, and started a little LST on both. All FFOF at this point with just some Myco during the transplant.

Close up of Rocky Dennis (this was started outside in my friends yard)

Closeup of Sundae Driver

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Dec 19th update

The Sundae Runt

Dec 22nd

Runt decided to start growing so I gave it a little LST to see what would happen

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Merry Christmas

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So up to now everything has been pretty much perfect. Temps dialed in at 76 during day 66 at night w 55%rh. Only been giving them water so far, every 2-3 days.

However this is when I start noticing some yellow leaves on the Rocky. Figure its bc its feeding so hard bc of the LST. Got to grow shop a few days later and ordered the Roots Organics player pack but w New Years and stuff shipping was delayed.

Dec 28th

Think they were overwatered this round. But the runt is starting to look promising.

Dec 30th

Decide to transplant the Rocky and Sundae into 3 gallon fabric pots… used 10 parts FFHF / 4 parts FFOF / 2 parts Malibu Bus Blend biodynamic compost… was hoping this would give them some extra nutrients and help green them up again, but looking back i should have just let them be and gotten some nutes from elsewhere. I think the transplant while they were in that state shocked them a bit as u will see…

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