2x125w dual spectrum cfl, 2x125w 2700k cfl and 4x23w 2700k cfl for flowering?

Hey new to ILGM as this is my first post… bout to start my first grow and chose to go cfl as they are good lights to learn the proper techniques and how to read plants… my grow space is a 7x2 square feet and has a 6 foot ceiling…just wondering 2x125w dual spectrum cfls plus 2x125w 2700k cfls and 4x23w 2700k cfls in the corners enough light for 4-5 plants to produce a decent yeild ?any thoughts inputs or suggestions also will help…thanx…

I used CFLs on my first grow. I too chose to use CFLs to learn with. But even with all the cfl’s you mentioned, that’s only going to be enough for one small plant and you probably won’t get no more then an ounce or so. Honestly if you just want to learn for an hour I’d spend a little over a hundred bucks on a couple cheap Chinese LEDs off Amazon and grow two medium-sized plants


@Caliishigh are you talking about the big 125 watt CFLs like these?

Or these

I used both on a Frankenstein fixture I made for my first grow and did ok. I just didn’t like the airy buds and the heat they put out. I learned that the wattage on CFLs has a to be pretty high to get good results. My diy CFL fixture was 850 wall watts and still wasn’t good enough for 8 plants in a 4x4. @HornHead is right. Buy a couple of Chinese LEDs and you’ll be better off than the CFLs. I have 3 of the 600w lights (actual 300 wall watts and they did a lot better than that CFLs for me. I needed better yields, so I built my own LED with a lot of help on this forum and it’s already making a big difference. If your 125 watt CFLs are like the ones in my picture, you really need to use reflectors to get the right light out of them.


Sorry it’s been such a while since u guys posted but just wanted to say thanks I have some low wattage high end led’s there the spot light style. So how much watts should I look into for those led’s to grow just 2 good plants

Need more info about the lights you’re using and the plants you’re growing. How much area you’ll need to grow 2 plants will determine how much light you’ll need in wattage. The main thing I’ve learned is the intensity of the light is very important on how good the plants produce. It would help if you can post pictures of what you’re using. Just click on the icon in the bottom right corner.